7-year Old Boy Lynched In Lagos For Stealing Garri

A 7-year old boy was reportedly lynched in the Badagry area of Lagos for attempting to steal garri from a trader’s shop.

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It is unclear why the Nigerian Police did not respond to the situation. Jungle justice is fairly common in many Nigerian cities, where the sense that the system cannot provide justice compels mobs to mete out immediate ‘justice’.

The most famous mob killing in Nigeria till date was the killing of four University students in the town of Aluu, Rivers state.

Update: Police Say Boy Burnt To Death In Lagos Stole Phones, See the details.


    • Hahah how could they the child is hungry,in this current Nigeria they should feed him and then advice him not to again as stealing is wrong

      • My question is that, is there know people around when this barbaric act took place? How i wish i was there, I will rather die with the boy. Oh God let your will be done.

      • Whoever is responsible for this level of inhumanity should die a slow painful death. Let the idiot be killed very slowly, he doesn’t deserve to die quickly. Just for common garri. Infact that person will never have children, every member of his family shall die. This is pure wickedness. They have no heart at all. A 7yr old child. Not only was the child brutally beaten, but he was also burnt. A CHILDREN FOR HEAVENS SAKE. God punish you all. It shall never be well with you, BASTARDS…

    • This is Polemically Belligerent and totally absurd. How can Robbers(the so-called Mobs) be giving Justice to the Poor Hungry Minor. May His Blood be upon U n Ur Descendants. The perpetrators will be apprehended by arresting the Shop owner for interrogation. May God have mercy on this Nation for such horrible n Sinful acts.

  1. NOooo this is too much, Why will dey take justices in dey hands. This is so painful. D Government have to do something about this. Haba!! o

  2. All those involved will never know peace. For those that have kids, situation will push their kids into similar situation and they will meet a more horrible fate. For those without kids, wait till you get yours. Crazy people

    • Amen, this is really sad I can not believe there was nobody there to stop them, someone with right senses, someone who knows that he is just a kid who is obviously hungry

  3. this is inhuman! for God sake, what is this country turning into? A little hungry kid killed for looking for something to eat? Come on this is injustice considering the situation of things. Even adults find life difficult how much more a little homeless hungry kid?

    This act most not continue and those behind this act must be dealt with according to the law.

  4. It’s really appalling and inhumane to kill a 7yr old boy for stealing Garri, even after beating him to that extent.. I’m touched and as well embarrassed by this news.. Who knows what might had made him involve in such act..

  5. When a child of 7yrs steals Garri and not a cell phone the idiots around should know dat that child is simply hungry especially wit d situation in Nigeria now. The torture was too much let alone the tyre, the fire… common Naija…ur judgement awaits u. Hissss.

    • Those that burnt the child will never know peace and will no no longer be fruitful in their lives situation will lead them to thesame issue with the guy IJN. This is wickedness and uncalled for This country na wa oo

  6. The people that killed this little boy for stealing garri will never experience a peaceful conscience and shall die too by same way they killed this little boy just bcos of garri,who knows if he was hungry or his siblings are,God punish poor mentality

    • I hope they never ever have a peaceful night. I hope their shop gets robbed all the time.. I eish the little boys spirit haunts them. I rather feed the hungry child and get a blessing for it. The bible says a eye for a eye and a tooth for a tooth. That poor baby didn’t mean any harm. For God sakes do you know what a hungry child feels like.. May yours days be short for setting him on fire…you are wicked and evil… Your day will not be mean thank God..

  7. This is very barbaric and cruel to carry out a jungle justice on a 7year old boy. The mob should have wasted their anger against the Nation’s Looters across 36 states in Nigeria. Has any one been jailed or mobbed for looting the nation’s treasury? NO! Our energy should have been channeled towards feeding the poor, more people going into agriculture and killing corruption. This is too bad!

      • Don’t be stupid Mr man which father are u talking about? @sdg the one that brought calamity to our country? Buhari is the one responsible for the death of that Inocent child his blood will be upon him and his families as well.if his children are not ashemed of their why won’t them correct him because every child has a right to talk to his father when he is making mistakes so be it if he insult they father because he deserved more then that

  8. where in Gods name were the police? how comes those people stood there and watch while the small boy was been set ablazed. the blood of this boy will forever be on their head.

    • Yes his blood will always be on their souls they will all get it back let it go back to sender and all who was around to see him burn and die

    • For every body that as spoke well ,if negeria are like this ,why we not angry .did we no what terrible thing like this ,Nigeria people as done ,it make those things that God see in Nigeria to send us a leader like buhari to punished us together ,but I pray God we have mercy on us and deliver us Jesus name

    • My head is fucked now that i see this pic because I can’t come up with a fucking sense for this. The world should do something about this, grown-ups don’t deserve this. Who fail to see this poor baby as a baby? ALL WHO STOOD THERE, FUCK YALL

  9. it is quite unfortunate that something like this can still be happening in Nigeria. Nobody supports what the poor boy did but then, must people be callous to the level that people lynch him?
    If we cannot distinguish between hunger and robbery then there is something wrong some where. I want to believe the parent of the poor boy will be somewhere doing what I can imagine.I am sure nemesis will catch all evil doers one day.

  10. U guys should stop spreading fake news. Those images are images of a guy lynched for trying to rob and attempting to kill somebody. Jungle justice is wrong, but give accurate news please.

    • See if we were to go to Africa an they did this to one of ours it would start a whole war against us an them we have our issues but we don’t play with people kids an condone this torcher we been threw this with the white folks doing this to our ancestors an we don’t play that some parts of Africa have some hateful devilish people I saw a village in Africa burn 3 elderly people alive in this whole beating them everytime they tired to get out they want us to come to Africa this must stop were not going to go from one evil to the next the only difference is this is from our own kind doing what they did to our Ancestors in the USA smh ok an if this is untrue even if what you are saying is so this is not a justified punishment this is torcher this not the way the wrong should be punished it brutal death

    • How could dis little boy rob someone and at d same time attempt 2 kill d person?? Do u even hv a conscience at all?? If d boy was 2 b ur child or someone u are related 2, how would u feel?? 4 Christ sake he is jus a kid…no matter wat he did, he was not suppose 2 go tro dis kind of hell… God will punish everyone dat took part in d killing of dis boy…unless d person does not hv a child or will not get one… So u can knw wat it takes 2 gv birth only 2 wake up one morning 2 hear dat ur son was burnt 2 death… D thunder dat will fire u guys is still on 6yrs training!!! God punish u all

  11. What is all this nigeria? He attempted but he dnt finally steal and u guys were so quick 2 kill? what If it was ur own child? Do u know what prompted him to do so? Chai! This is total wickedness, do you guys ve a heart at all? Nd ppl watching cudnt save this little boy but just to video nd snap is what u delight in doing. May GOD forgive all of you nd prevent this from reaching your children or anyone dear to you

  12. If only they could do to there goverment officilas who steal there livelyhood what they do to this poor kid, 7 yrs old. No man what the hell. This kid did not even have a childhood.

  13. I swear the government should arrest and imprison all the people that have shop and resident around that area .. For doing this … They shouldn’t beat a small boy for stealing food , instead they should show him love as a brother by giving him a nourishing food and preaching for him about stealing and also be monitored .. I believe he would change

  14. Unbelievable! Does that means that nobody was touched among the crowd to call the police to rescue this kid of 7 years? Nawaoh for 9ja.

  15. This country has turned to another thing,in Italy there is no punishment for stealing if the reason is hunger,garri is been product within the country and they lynch and brutalised a 7 yrs old boy because of it,what if e stole an imported good,there educating and letting the know that stealing is bad,instead Tey killed him in a horrific manner,i leave them all to their conscience becaus I know they will all know no peace again for the rest of their lives…RIP in peace boy you going to a better place,may God forgive you all your sins,Amen.

  16. The end is near …..this is wickedness at the highest order…we all know the situation of the country….such people should be helped and not to be condemned….there are people stealing millions and yet nobody crucified them….and for the people who did these…u might have just killed the little boy that would have saved ur own child in the future….let’s think deeply before we act….

  17. Lemme assume this is not true but if it is,God the people involve i smh.
    This wicked generation. i wouldnt curse anyone as am not pure but this?Those involve should go to jail

  18. Those who did this to such a kid should be sentenced to life imprisonment. He should be hungry to have stool food. Stealing is not good well understood but brutally killing him with so much pain is inhuman. He could have been rehabilitated or something of that nature. This truly is saddening.

  19. Those who did this to such a kid should be sentenced to life imprisonment. He must have been hungry to have stolen food. Stealing is not good, well understood but brutally killing him with so much pain is inhuman. He could have been rehabilitated or something of that nature. This truly is saddening.

  20. Something tells me stealing garri might not be what happened. It might have been something much more sinister like witchcraft. If it was garri @ least for the boy’s age someone would have pleaded on his behalf of paid for sake of his life. But the action whatever it was, was barbaric & shows our society to be barely out of primitive stone age !!!

  21. What a wicked generation…. For God’s sake, hunger could have driven this young boy to steal just garri, and instead of giving him some food to eat and quench the hunger, the useless idiots around there
    unleashed this havoc on him…. Anyway APC govt should be held responsible for making things difficult in Nigeria…..

  22. It shall never be well with those that did such a terrible act, did he steal a phone or kill someone, they will also be in that little helpless boy circumstances, haha he was hungry to d extent of stealing garri, he might have begged for alms nd was not given even if he did not, the way dat boy died they will die like that.

  23. God forbid such evil act.. U all dat has a hand in dis will die.. U will never see anything good in ur life… Dey will continue to kill ur children children to come… Evil in d land. My God

  24. Not supporting the act,but stealing is a very bad thing,and if not contained,trust me from garri to fones,and from fones to bags and from bags to houses and finally from houses to high way with guns.he was too young though to be set ablaze.but at the end of the day.stealing is bad.i am still suffering from what armed robbers did to me for close to 2years now.and it all started like this.stealing pencil/pen from school and gradually become a profession.guess he was not just Lucky.no matter the situation around,stealing is not an option.

  25. This is a very sad news how can people so heartless & mentally rotten to killed little hungry boy bcos of Garri instead for them to feed him & give him good training so that he can be useful for himself & entire nation they wasted his life God will punish those that involved in killing of the little boy & his blood will bring nemesis upon the. Govt & security agents should investigate the case & punish all the perpetrators involved.

  26. Did he actually steal the gari, even if, if the boy is ur brother will u kill him, are those people that killed him have they not stolen before either by cheating or the other way round, their own judgment has started

  27. stealing is bad but going extra mile by putting law on their hand is very bad those who are involved in this unconstitutional art should be put to order immediately.

  28. Subhanallah.. This is inhuman treatment how on earth please. This boy didn’t deserves such punishment. Though stealing isn’t good but the people should have consider the situation in naija, I mean d situation of hunger .whatever the people that did it are very cruel, I pray that justice to b served.

  29. May his gentle soul rest in peace….those dat killed d boy should not forget to kill any of their own wards who mistakenly steal a piece of meat, biro, biscuit, pure water, groundnut, food of any such from their own house….Amen!!!

  30. A boy was treated this way and was burnt to death for stealing ordinary garri in Nigeria. This is too bad, people are stealing trillions of money in the same country and nothing is happening to them because they are learned thieves. The woman who made this known to the public has kids like the killed boy must be prosecuted by the federal government. This is not the time things like this will be left untreated. What is wrong with our people, when once you don’t have any body to represent you any thing can happen to you anytime. Please look for who soever is responsible in this case and deal with him or her.

  31. I will not ask God to have mercy on you all that did this to a poor hungry kid because you don’t deserve mercy, the Bible says blessed are the merciful for they shall be shown mercy, how easy it was for you to cast a stone on a hungry kid, can any of you swear you have not done more worst things than this, but I can assure you, you are in for the worst, the God of vengeance, poor, helpless and defenceless child shall definitely rise against you all that has a hand in this cruel act, I promise you all, demons in disguise!!!!!!!!!!!!.Tears

  32. May the perpetrators of this hineous crime never find peace in their life. May they never hear the cry of a child in their family. If they have to kill this little child for stealling common garri while people who steal billions if naira are being applauded daily. The owner of the shop will also never find peace in his / her life.

  33. just because of garri that is not up to the millions and billions of naira ou
    r leaders are stealing…….. this is mere wickedness. the people are suppose to burnt to ashes are not burn but a hungry 7years old boy even if he up to 20 killing is not the solution to his problem. may Allah forgive all his sin and punish those that joined hand in killing a young hunger boy.

  34. Oh no what a pain God don’t just pass by without leaving your anger on this people please I beg you they should have known that this you child us hungry God God why why ha

  35. All the occupants in the street should b arrested and sent to jail even the shop owner…
    Infact…am highly pissed off

  36. We are the most wicked people on earth. That constitutes to child abuse and murder. The owner of the stall or the people watching should all be arrested. I am in tears. I am embarrassed being a Nigerian

  37. Oh wicked pple indeed , oh terrible nation. No one around d vicinity could pay d Garri cost for d boy or even take d poor boy as a maid if at all they can’t help genuinely . No wonder some pple re barren of children . Foolish pple

  38. Yes we all know that stealing is an offensive act punishable by law.But we should also bear in mind that in every negative factor,there is always a positive factor to consider.Considering the hard condition in d country and also his age.He should have been given some strokes’ of d cane instead of dat barbaric act. D people behind dis act should be ready to dance to the music bcos I’m sure d boy only stole f garri to quench hunger. His blood is on ur head.

  39. May his soul rest in perfect peace! The blood of this guy shall never forgive those that responsive for Nigeria recession. His blood shall also judge those that innocently assassinated him. His blood shall terminate the lives of those that involved in the dead of this hungry 7 years old

  40. Too bad, a 7yrs old boy, he stole garri because he was hungry, why are we heartless in this part of the world. Perhaps no father n mother.
    Wickedness at it peak.
    The are merciless…
    They will never find mercy too.

  41. Haba, a 7 year old hardly knows his left from right, they should have just disciplined him, he probably was hungry. This is so unfair, the perpetrators of this are the worst criminals; for crying out loud, his just a minor.

  42. Nigerians…why are you so cheap like dis,how on earth can you just believe this kind of story?Nigerians are not all that wicked……Try and confirm d story tru a reliable source …..thats my opinion

  43. They shall never know peace.with the current economy situation?i don’t know whether our people are senseless.looters of trillions are walking freely,no one to prosecute them.may your soul rest in peace

  44. This response is not to encourage stealing or roberry but we should be ready to see more people stealing food to survive due to d country situation, there is abject poverty and hunger in d land. Do not kill anyone that steal to eat but handover to police. Today, l curse any man or woman that kill a being for stealing food to eat, same shall die by sword and up to their fourth generation.

  45. This is inhuman, God will surely purnish those involved. They are hypocrites.At least flogging,warning and giving him food to eat would av been better or calling the police. God shall purnish u people once more.

  46. I’ve been weeping since i saw this….imagine a child…who’s hunger made him steal garri to chew…who knows if by only chewing it he would be better….it wouldn’t have been like this…imagine common garri that used to be a poor mans food becoming gold over night….mother naija..i weep on your behalf

  47. Completely savage, and completely stupid. That’s why Nigeria, a place that with it’s population, natural resources and educated people, should be a first world country but continues to be trapped in the thrid world. Too many idiots who somehow think these sorts of atrocities and many others are ok.

  48. My heart bleeds for this young poor soul..He was probably hungry..poor child..he attempted for goodness’s sake..Lord have mercy..may has s lil precious soul find rest.. :(

  49. all Nigeria. people are monkey they. have not humane brain all the africa no just Kenya other all black country except Ethiopia and Eritera don’t like this fuck nigeria monky

  50. I Strongly believe dat diz iz nt just ordinary,evil pronouncement has been made against diz boy spiritually dat made diz beasts in human form to condemn nd torture diz promising young boy 2 death without conscience just bcos of garri,oh! my heart bleed for d womb dat carried diz child,the agony nd pains this bastardz put her thru iz just too much,may d wrath of God visit d pepetrators,wicked world.vampires

  51. What is dis?chai my heart. Bleeds we ve lost touch with humanity and it’s sickening…God are u sure u still seated upon ur heavenly throne?strike dis wickedness is too much

  52. This is unfair, they should have reason what could have brought d boy to dis mess, I know stealing is not good but d boy might be hungry……All does involve in dis will never no peace in their life and family..wat a pity

  53. I’m so saddened that the life of this poor child was brought to an abstruct end because he was hungry! No one could ask him why he’s done this and if they can help him!
    Im even more saddened that the perpetrators of this hidious crime will not be brought to justice. This is pure wickedness. God will judge.

  54. Dis is too bad. I just can’t think abt it. 7years old boy to born on fire. dat too bad. Dos dat bite d boy like dat, we also b bit to death . May d boy rest in peace. may GOD forgive his sin. Amin

  55. That demon of jungle justice has arrived again eh? All those standing there when this kid was crying to the grave will surely eat the fruit of wickedness. This is no curse. I’ve seen it happen a hundred times. What evil, my Lord!!! Nigerians your hands are stained with blood. Repent or face God’s full wrath soonest.

  56. Its a pity the boy must have stolen the gari bcs of hunger and these heart less pple did not think before killing a 7 yr old just like dat wicked pple.

  57. Dis is inhuman naaa! The poor little was hungry and all that the same people killed should have done is to feed him for God sake!!! His blood on your heads wicked people

  58. 7Yrs Old burned alive for trying to still gari?
    Upon all the security agencies we have in Nigeria such barbaric killing happened in Lagos without security intervention?
    God is watching….&….the world is watching too.

  59. Lagos state government must investigate and arrest everyone in the area where this wickednes happen ,this is only a child not even 18yrs damn lagos police!,whoever put the tire and start the fire must not go unpunished,THIS IS A CHALLENGE,TO THE GOVERNMENT!!!!

  60. He’s jst a baby trying to quench his hunger..We all know dat stealing is not good, nd who so ever involved in such shld be punished. Bt not to d extent of burning him/her.. the painful part is dat d kid made an “attempt” b4 he was caught. Kai some Nigerians wicked

  61. This is wickedness in ths economic recession, dnt dy no is becux of hunger dat made him steal, The wicked shall never go unpurnished

  62. na waooo dis is jst 2 much 4 a little boy of 7 yrs wu knws mayb d little kid is hungry or his families re? hunger cn even make n adult do dat nt 2 tok of a little kid GOD punish dose involve in d boy’s death as wel as d police 4 nt cumin 2 rescue n d shop owners 4 calin d boy a thief dere shal meet d same fate as d boy

  63. This is wickedness, I swear,for a seven yrs old boy to be treated like this,my anger now is that the Government will not take this into concideration,rather cover the matter….. I swear if this boy was to be my son or relative I will pay the trader x10 of the garri that was stolen,arrest her to provide those who treated him like an animal or else she will be killed to…

  64. Its unfortunate that we are quick to posting this in social media for what?? AWARD?WELL a child of 7 been sentenced to death by barbaric humans mothers,fathers and even potential parents how could they do this?? Am so heart broken because if God takes judgement like the way we do trust me no man will remain on earth, I write with bitterness because for a child to be killed because of “HUNGER” is inhuman,wickedness of the highest order.Our government should wake up and fight jungle justice because life’s are been wasted every now and then,what happens to the WORD WE all say”CHILDREN ARE THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW “??PLEASE I BEG EACH AND EVERYONE OF US IN WHATEVER WE BELIEVE IN TO JOIN FORCES AND PUT A STOP TO THIS.MAY GOD HAVEVMERCY.!

  65. Some people are so heartless nd cruel. For crying out loud, how can they just kill a 7 years old boy just because he stole garri. Afterall he wanted to drink it but I pray to Almighty Allah every soul that have hands in killing the little boy will never see peace in their entire life again.

  66. This is barbaric, and some people had the mind to watch this poor boy suffer this much. God,where r u?,i’ll place no curses on anyone buh I leave the almighty to judge everyone accordingly.

  67. A hungry lil kid stole garri from a store and the next thing they did was to beat him to stupor and burn him to death….
    A 7yr old for crying out loud,one idiot used his phone to take pictures of the boy as he being beaten and burnt and couldn’t pay for the garri.. How much is the so called garri self that no one could pay for him. But if it’s to spend money on useless and unprofitable liquor,they’ll know how to do spend…
    May your soul rest in peace a and I pray God forgives you and I wish he understand your reason for stealing. But for those of you that laid hands on him,those that were watching and couldn’t help the boy out and the idiot that used his phone to take pictures,as this year is running to and end,you and your family shall run to an bed with it…

  68. Even the stupid photographer did not intervene or seek for help for the child. In fact all of u that Witnessed this, are more than terrorists. It has shown the level of our backwardness as a country. The bible says in the last days the love of men shall wax cold…but must it be evident only in Nigeria. What will the other countries think of us. My sweet child go to your heavenly Father, rest in His bossom. At least u have left this hell of a country! Smh

  69. This is the country we’ve found ourselves in. The rich are continuing amassing wealth for themselves while the poor are continuing hatting themselves. #InnocentPikinGodIsWithYou

  70. Here is my own point of view…. How many of our so call leaders have dey carry justice on for stealing our millions and billions of naria?

  71. Yes, stealing is wrong, but the circumstances are unique; the boy was just 7 and he supposedly stole Garri…he must have been very hungry. Lord, where have we gone wrong? May his soul rest in peace.

  72. This is it, the highest form of barbarism!! N to u who video it, n share, y didn’t u do anything, u where present at the scene meaning u r also a perpetrator of evil, needst I tell what the Bible says about the likes of u?

  73. I cry when i saw this the picture,and am still crying for the soul of the poor boy,when Nigeria is been called a zoo some people will start to talk,but Nigeria is more than a zoo
    .Nigeria is not a country and it can never be.i thank God that am not a Nigerian but a biafran cause God WILL Punishes Nigeria for this

  74. It is said do unto others what you want to be done toyou for all those whom are involved in this barbaric act I pray may the good Lord forgive your children and your generation yet unborn and may you meat yours in the nearest possible time. Where the hell was the police when all this was happening? ? God please have mercy upon us.

  75. may God have mercy on the soul and the family of this boy, sometimes i wonder what we use in thinking, is it our head, our mind, or our butts. we are so not helping situation at all.

  76. Honestly, I’m still looking for a word to qualify dis act. I watched d video where a particular guy was busy hitting dis boi n pple gathered watching him n nobody among d crowd voiced against such a *wicked*. What a shameful country. Ordinary Garri. Although stealing is wrong but considering dis boi’s age n d currently situation eating up dis country. May his soul rest in peace. He don die na weda our leader go get sense or make stealing stop. Corruption nko. Nonsese pple.

  77. the police is even far fetched , how could someone watch this whole procedure without intervening, see the crowd, nobody reached out so sad

  78. no this is to much ,burning a 7year old to this us totally unacceptable oooo,heartless fellow the blood of this little boy will be on the head of all those stand by watching and couldn’t stop this,seriously the government should look into this

  79. Thunder wey no get break Will strike all of una wey put hand kill this boy… can’t u people see de country..? Wicked souls bastards stupid amu ibas una family go die lik dat boy

  80. these are the same people that go to churches and chant….though shall not kill. a country so difficult like Nigeria should not concentrate their strenght on this kind of act…the boy did a wrong thing;fine. He was caught and beaten thoroughly. Is that not enough…for Gods sake he is a kid and did that out of lack and hunger.if Nigerians are human enough, they should have even try to ask him his problem and feed him well…the boy was just looking for what to eat.
    Rich people are not Nigerias proble neither is the politicians or leaders…..but men and women like this who have the heart of beasts…no matter the difficulty…dont forget that you are human….if the government of the day is not favourable….change the government through your votes and peaceful or atmost cases revolutionary protest, and not venting your anger on a scape being.

  81. these are the same people that go to churches and chant….though shall not kill. a country so difficult like Nigeria should not concentrate their strenght on this kind of act…the boy did a wrong thing;fine. He was caught and beaten thoroughly. Is that not enough…for Gods sake he is a kid and did that out of lack and hunger.if Nigerians are human enough, they should have even try to ask him his problem and feed him well…the boy was just looking for what to eat.
    Rich people are not Nigerias problem nor politicians or leaders…..but men and women like this who have the heart of beasts…no matter the difficulty…dont forget that you are human….if the government of the day is not favourable….change the government through your votes and peaceful or atmost cases revolutionary protest, and not venting your anger on a scape being.

  82. Heavenly father please grant his gentle soul into your heavenly place, spirit of the living father, Jesus Christ please intercede him. But I course those who are involved in this stupid act, unwanted act,injustice may Christ Jesus never forgive those people who did this to this poor boy.

  83. How evil can you guys be….I was reading from British media website and you can imagine how embarrassed i was as a black person. Nigerians, you guys are better than that…arrest the pepertuaters and give them death sentence for such evil and abominable act. Am so sad, gosh.

  84. Evil. Pure and simple evil. I hope everyone involved in this little boy’s killing suffer the same fate, Including the Nigerian government officials who allow this kind of thing to happen. Rip little boy.
    Shame on Nigeria.

    • We all should start praying for our children, brothers, sister’s
      Cos this blood suckling Demons are out there looking for human blood Co’s d 7yrs old boy is just a child.
      who knows there next victims,
      May ☈ ☈ ☈ ☈ and strick all those men, women ,that beat and burn him to death.
      Their own death will be terrible too.

  85. Standing among the crowed that melted this jungle justice on this poor hungry boy are professional arm robber’s, looters of public and private fund with pen, chronic adultrers, yahoo..yahoo boyz, wallet snachters,prostitue Boko Haram agents and promoters of all kind of sin, and yet they can cast a stone on this little hungry boy who according to them attempt to steal garri..ha!!! You Set this little boy ablaz, for every one of you who did this you may probably not find the mercy of God in your life again.

  86. Everyone that has hand in the cruel murder of this young boy shall never witness peace in life until they witness their destruction in the same manner this boy was killed.

  87. This is d fulfilment of 2Timothy 3:1-5; am nt surprise; as d end draws near expect more of this bt don’t be involved because this is inhumane; God is watching and reward everybody accordingly; who is even sure whether this kid has a home or even parents; may God intervene; chai nwatakiri laa nke oma. Jehovah ga-akpolite gi

  88. I’m glad to be black and in America. You Africans are the devil and should stop having children and just die off. Your an embarrassment to the world

  89. Nigeria, I m sorry for this country. You continue to commit atrocities and you wonder why this country will forever remain cursed.
    It’s the evil coming from this country that will continue to leave you in further darkness. When you mob a SEVEN YEARS OLD BOY in such manner, you think you have done well, go home, eat and sleep like nothing even happened. Every day we see things like this coming from this country on a steady basis and we keep screaming. It’s become a norm to see this types of video and no one is anticipating the dangers ahead. So continue to do what you are doing, the end shall justify.
    Dead country!!!

  90. for as many of them that hit him and or burnt him they will look for children and not find but if u already have children your children will look for children ur names shall be wiped off the face of this earth

  91. For attempting to steal garri, d little child was burnt, why in d name of God will they take the law into their hands, if they are sensible they shud hv known d child was hungry, even d trader will run out of business and remain poor forever, for allowing such thing to happen, and the fools dat stood watching wat was going on, including those dat set the child on fire, it will never be well with dem. People steal everyday at the govt house, those local champions has not done anytin about it. Am nt saying stealing is good, but for them to burn a child for stealing garri, is just too much, it will shall never be well with them, as they showed no sympathy on the boy, so will God also not show sympathy on them

  92. God will judge u all for wat u people av done. 7 years!!! Heartless people of Nigeria. Garri not money or any other valuable goods, and u people burnt him alive. Do we av to blame d poor boy? No, he did it bcus he was hungry.

  93. God is never a man,blood never stop speaking no matter the offense,he who kills shall be killed,he who refused to hear the cry of the poor will be poor all the days of his life,how could Nigerians be so wicked at this extend,even if the boy steal money? Talk more of garri that is food …our leaders,GOD is not a man and He sees and He knows all…….it shall never be well with anyone who is involve in this art…I declare that befor the year goes off all of them will die as they did to this boy because of food in JESUS name Amen.

  94. God is never a man,blood never stop speaking no matter the offense,he who kills shall be killed,he who refused to hear the cry of the poor will be poor all the days of his life,how could Nigerians be so wicked at this extend,even if the boy steal money? Talk more of garri that is food …our leaders,GOD is not a man and He sees and He knows all…….it shall never be well with anyone who is involve in this art…I declare that befor the year goes off all of them will die as they did to this boy because of food in JESUS name Amen.

  95. Nothing to say that would bring back the poor little man life back … Can’t just stop crying not only for the boy … But for the poor parent … God will surely fight for you … RIP God has already open his golden gate and prepared a room for u that u wil never starve forever

  96. Who even took these pictures? you were there you couldn’t speak up in defense of the defenseless, all you care about is for you to have something juicy for the media. You are an idiot, a coward and you don’t deserve to be a human being.

    Imagine something like this happening and all you could do is watch the young buy die while you snapped away?

    you are godless!!!

  97. Tears rolling down my cheek as i read through. Perpetrators shall not go unpunished and may God of the infants visit them according to their work. Am devastated

  98. Thats a fucked up justice system. Jungle Justice.. Smh! This kid had to be very hungry to steal something knowing this could happen to him. It makes me a shame to be black and I see why there is so much black on black crime in a America as desendants of these people. If there is no love for ourselves how can we expect others to love us? Shit just sad. I hope Donald Trump don’t send nobody back to this fucked up place.

  99. For people that as spoke, spoken well ,my Nigeria people let us change our ways ,for killing 7 years old boy it is an abomination to us in Nigeria ,why It may be this is what God saw in nigeria with innocent blood that have been shield in Nigerian that make God give us buhari ,so that he published all Nigeria togethat ,but I pray that God we deliver from the evil on Nigeria’s lands ,change your way ,Jesus is waiting for you

  100. Animals! This is an act of pure evil – even if he stole something. This kid does not deserve this horrific act! Those animals deserve the worst. Hope they pay in this life for what they did to this poor boy. God bless this little boy and hope he can find a way out of his hell and his horrible life.

  101. The Govt must look in to this, bcoz of garri. Seven years old boy.. haha dis people are heartless. May God punish the owner of the shop and those who carry out this stupid act..
    They be sentence to Death

  102. The present recession might have driven that kid to steal. Whenever cases like this happened, we need to look for the immediate and remote factors that are responsible.

  103. As many as had hand in this killing, the wrath of God will befall you all, and you shall know no peace from this day, goshhhh!!!! how can someone do dis to a hungry boy. This is barbaric and the Bible says that those that kill by the sword shall die by the sword. This awaits all of you.

  104. When a country have chosen to educate only the intelligent citizens, this is what you get. Make education compulsoryand let people know their rights you will experience civility in Nigeria. How can a child be killedjust for stealing garri? Are you sure that enemy of that child parents is not the one bbehind this wickedness? A poor boy that was hungry in search of food met his death by wicked Nigerians the owner of that shop if she is a woman/ man all her children willexperience similar treatment . I blame present day government for all these atrocities. It is too bad for this country

  105. If Nigeria were a sane nation, this action would be enough to for our turning point. When will this ever stop? Few years ago, it was done to four univerty students in porthercourt, now this one is happening again, worst to a child. God is the Judge!

  106. God have mercy on Nigeria hope buhari can see the hardship he has put this country into because if the parents have food enough nothing on earth will make him to steal

  107. He was burnt for stealing garri in this economic situation?? Is there not poverty in the land?? Stupid fellows. Instead…they should burn those Stealing the country’s money. Those who actually pushed poverty to the land. May God punish all you that partook in it. Amen

  108. Wicked Babaric executors, poor hungry child, may soul never rest till you avenge your killers. President Buhari do and resign before our future kids die of hunger, you have no improvise agenda on Nigeria economy.

  109. God have mercy.
    What is this country becoming?

    Nigerians needs to be more educated morally and spiritually as it(education) would have tought them that the poor boy is hungry and needs food to eat.

    Father forgive them for they know not what they’ve just done

  110. this is absolutely inhuman..shouldn’t happen to anyone..but informationng please stop peddling false news..confirm your stories before you put them out there..that kid ain’t 7 and he didn’t steal garri..he blocked someone in d wee hours of d morning took his phone and then stabbed d aboki who attempted to apprehend y m..meanwhile this happened in alafia area of orile..d carcass is still lying along d road there..you can look it up for confirmation.

  111. How can people be so wicked and callous, what did you fools did to our public office holders after looting. A 7years old boy stole GARRI and was burnt. The entire families of those involved in this barbaric act will know no peace and ll die mysteriously . I can’t just but think over it again and again

  112. I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Too bad for those who are involved in doing this. God will judge each nd everyone of u. Cos his a kid nd he may be hungry. May his soul rest in peace

  113. Those bastard need to be killed, no two ways about it….we d average citizens of Nigeria…we are d once suffering our selves… Wat about d people who looted money?
    Wat about the people who stole money ,which is to be used to buy weapon for our soldier’s wat happened to them?
    The government should intervene in ugly situation immediately…asper fire touching them….

  114. Lynch adjustment domestic is also a crime in Africa and will be prosecuted.
    I don’t think that you should watch how people about legal judgments
    It doesn’t say to.
    There are police and prosecution to criminal Council resources and everyone
    who thinks that incorrectly, your work does the police can use the
    Governor of the State and the police chief before the Supreme Court
    Nigeria, Africa’s bring there will gladly accept things.
    It can and must not be that is vigilante justice agenda.
    Shopkeepers should be video surveillance systems and or private
    Security services if you think the police is or would be not rich from.
    These are trained for a short time in the Constitutional Act and also check whether it can work independently free from
    Bribery and fraud or political.
    These forces should only have the economic damage to a target
    Collapse and the perpetrators of the Legal Department to pass.
    Here, too, a vigilante must be excluded.


    Lynch Justic ist auch ein Verbrechen in Afrika und wird Strafrechtlich Verfolgt.
    Ich glaube nicht das man zusehen sollte wie Menschen über recht urteile
    das Ihnen nicht zusteht.
    Es gibt Polizei und Rechtsverfolgung zu den Strafratsbeständen und jeder
    der meint das die Polizei nicht Ordnungsgemäß Ihre Arbeit tut kann den
    Gouverneur des Staates und dem Polizei Chef vor das Höchste Gericht
    Nigerias ,Afrikas bringen dort wird man sich gern den Sachen Annehmen.
    Es kann und darf nicht sein das Selbstjustiz zu Tagesordnung wird.
    Ladenbesitzer sollten sich Videoüberwachungsanlagen und oder Private
    Sicherheitsdienste wenn man meint die Polizei ist oder wäre nicht Ausreichen.
    Diese sollten kurzzeitig in das Rechtsstaatliche Handeln Geschult werden und auch Überprüft werden ob diese Unabhängig arbeiten können frei von
    Bestechung und Betrug oder Politisch.
    Diese Kräfte sollten nur ein Ziel haben den Wirtschaftlichen Schaden zu
    Reduzieren und den die Täter der Rechtsabteilung zu Übergeben.
    Auch hier muss, eine Selbstjustiz Ausgeschlossen werden.

  115. Why are people so wicked, nor of them can say am clean. Is there no police around the place? And moreover they should know that the boy is hungry for him to steal garri a 7 years old boy. What they should do is help not that may God forgive them but I wish he did not.

  116. who so ever that have a hand in the killing of this little boy must suffer, are you even sure that this boy attempted stealing garri as they said or their evil plan of killing the little boy. what is GARRI?

  117. it will be well with all the people involved in this scenario both the beaters, standby watchers, the camera shooters and all the onlookers. God must visit all with vengeance and at the end one of their children or only child must killed this way in a jungle justice.. either by error or by accident and so shall it be by the law of Carma and nemesis.

  118. Naija what is going on, how come we have the got to burn a 7 years old boy for stealing garri that may not cost upto 1000 naira, probable as a result of hunger. And we shamelessly glorify political robbers that stolen billions of Dollars. God have mercy

  119. Stealing is bad. But why they didn’t ask why he did that maybe he was angry and nobody help him to eat everyday. It’s stupid and barbaric reaction. Shame for my africa

  120. Wait ooo,plz did u people commenting on dis really read it well? D little boy didn’t even steal d stupid garri he only attempted to steal it nd dis good for nothing people killed him God will judge many thing o

  121. why this jungle justice on a minor did he steal one bag of garri ? for Christ sake this boy would have taken a bit just to quench his hunger to stay alive. please the shop owner or who ever are behind this should be made to pay for there deeds where that boy will be living around that area and they should have get the parent involve. instead of this barbaric act.

  122. But wey…. If someone can dis this to seven year old boy bcoz he’s hungry that person should rot in hell
    He much Garri can he steal for God’s sake…is it one paint, a bag
    It’s so sad

  123. Ooh am getting fed up with this country, anything that happens… Let us leave it to God… God will punish them… God will judge them. What will you and I do?? Yes God will do his part. We need to get proactive. This is a simple matter, the perpetrators of this Crime MUST be punished. Where is the law for Christ sake? As always “Nigerians are angry but not angry enough”

  124. Hmmm…and they all thought they did the wrong thing. Nay! They shall all be judged by the Almighty. Why did the 7yrs old boy stole? Hunger it was. What happened to the brains and thinking faculty of all the dummies that made up the mob?



  125. Hmmm…and they all thought they did the right thing. Nay! They shall all be judged by the Almighty. Why did the 7yrs old boy stole? Hunger it was. What happened to the brains and thinking faculty of all the dummies that made up the mob?



  126. People are heartless, indirectly nigerian.actions attracts God’s curses in this country,our wickedness in this country is unbecoming,sharing blood here and there always , it is unfurtunate

  127. First of all how horrific. The look on his face, he was so terrified, he had no one to protect him, to love him. No stealing of food is worth murdering a person for, especially a child. He was probably hungry. They murdered a 7 year old child. Shame and disgust to these evil, backwards, sick people. I hope no one buys their crappy “Garri”that’s now covered in the blood of baby boy. I hope all their food rots and they have no more business ever. Judgement Day

  128. May dat poor boy soul rest in peace….and for those who kiiled him and for those who watched him die u will all perish in hell fire.I swear

  129. Where were the so called mothers?
    U mean some so called human watched this boy beaten to death?
    Where were the armed forces?
    I hope this case will not die as usual!
    The real human Nigerians rise up!

  130. This is wickedness of the highest order…. Every body dat was present during this inhuman act to this little baby must face d wrath of God

  131. All those involved in this act should consider themselves death and in the hell fire already. God used this boy to try their faith and they have failed. That boy was Christ in hunger in disguise, and they refused to feed him. That boy is in heaven, and those involved are already being consumed by hell fire and will suffer more than double the pain this boy suffered. Lagos state govt., must not let them go free.

  132. God will punish all of them. They will never prosper in their lifes . They will die like pigs. Sheeeje people . I swear like I m there I will also kill them . What kind of foolish people are they? Killing innocent child because of common Gari. Sheeeje foolish people.

  133. Governments have being stealing money for years no body did anything to them, No matter wat crime ds little boy did, dey r many ways to punish d child, u will c couple for 20yrs of marriage no child n u ask go y wen u r avoid in tinz like ds, God will not only punish d shop owner also dos dt did n dis dt watch ds poor boy to death.. Maybe u ppl hv forgotten d situation of ds country, his blood will continue to hunt u people.

  134. Nigeria, O Nigeria, The Country that thrives on feeding on the future of her children…. Nigeria, O Nigeria, when will you be finally satisfied and stop drinking the blood of your sons and daughters…. Nigeria, O Nigeria, you are a wicked mother indeed, while your Politicans are looting the treasury and your Pastors are building empires, the blood of these ones will come asking for vengeance and then Nigeria, O Nigeria, we will see who will come to your rescue… Rest in peace dear child, at least you will never have to hunger or thirst again

  135. Woo to all those people who burnt this small growing boy…… he doesn’t know wat he was actually doing… he needs courage. But for The fact that you pple ve burnt him….. well nobody knows tomorrow but i believe there’s some better day s ahead.

  136. Hmmmmm. We blame Buhari in a way, but was Buhari there when the incident happened? For those that contributed in one way or the other to this barbaric act, you will not die now. You will live long cos if you die now, everything will end. However, await an endless suffering, whereby you will look for death and it will never come. No help will be rendered to you, death will not even come to your rescue until you use your tongue to lick your anus. May the Almighty God judge you all. “Remember, The evil that men do, now lives with them”.

  137. This story can’t be true. At least we are all human. This is a case that we should prove our love for each other. Somebody should have taken the boy and get him something to eat because it was hunger call it poverty that made the boy to start thinking of stealing carri common garri. The owner of the shop should answer the case.

  138. Wen i read dis news, i looked at my 7 yrs old nd my hrt bled. How cld dis hv happened wtout d knowledge of d police? But if it is those kidnappers, police wld hv cm to rescue them from d mob. Those who did dis will daily see d anger of God in great measure.

  139. This is awful! Stealing is not acceptable but this is a 7 year old child. There are ways at this age to show right and wrong. Bloody savages! May you be burned to hell.

  140. During 1983 recession b/4 Buhari coup sacking shagari, a woman with her little daughter went to market in makurdi. she bought garri but had no money to pay. so she told the garri seller to wait for her to get the money and she dissapeared. By the time the garri seller arrived the woman’s house with police, the woman had prepared eba and the children were eating. the garri seller could not help but have pity on the woman by withdrawing her complaint from the police. the police in turn made individual donation to further assist the poor woman whose husband was not paid about 3 months salary then. the question now is where has our conscience gone that we now behave like animals; brutally killing a minor for helping himself with garri due to hunger. Its embarrassingly shameful to be associated with this kind of merciless society. we have shed 2much blood in this land that sometimes you don’t know whether to pray for God’s mercy or punishment.

  141. People are there stealing billions of dollars without anyone saying anything but the poor boy took “not steal” garri because he was hungry. May peace, joy, mercy, good health, long life be far far away from anyone who joined hands in the beaten and burning of the the small boy.




  144. If the government doesnt take this up and ensure justice is served and the such mobb killings is stopped for good, then the Government is BULL SHIT…

    That boy is too young for such kind of jungle justice… He is just growing nd getting to know the world, biko…
    what does he know???
    The police claimed he stole Phones, even if he stole Laptops or even the Nigerian Budget, he is too young to even stand trial at a court talkless of been lynched by a mob…

    And some useless mothers will be there watching and even taking shots…
    If Ambode and Buhari doesnt take this matter up, then TO HELL with Nigerian Government….

    #We need to be RECOLONIZED because our thinking isnt Civilized at all#
    #TRUMP Said the TRUTH

  145. OOOHHHHH!!!!!

    MATTHEW 24:3-22

    The Signs of the Times and the End of the Age
    3 Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?”

    4 And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many. 6 And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all[a] these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences,[b] and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.

    9 “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake. 10 And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another. 11 Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. 12 And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. 13 But he who endures to the end shall be saved. 14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.

    The Great Tribulation
    15 “Therefore when you see the ‘abomination of desolation,’[c] spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place” (whoever reads, let him understand), 16 “then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. 17 Let him who is on the housetop not go down to take anything out of his house. 18 And let him who is in the field not go back to get his clothes. 19 But woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days! 20 And pray that your flight may not be in winter or on the Sabbath. 21 For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be. 22 And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.

  146. We (black people), need to form our own military and inforce and change laws of our people in Africa and other parts of the world. Anyone or party found guilty of murdering a child for a minor crime would be put to death ASAP.

  147. People are at less, ooo how can u just take low in 2 ur hand , by killing a little boy, without even investigate the reason why the little boy try to steal. If the so call government are doing well on economy the little boy won’t go out and steal, out of lack of feeding a little boy went out to steel instead of we the youth too take these little boy and ponish him and try help him out , u choose to act like a fool and kill these innocent boy, how many of you hav dclear war on those who are steal and eating Nigeria money , how many of u hav fight for our economic but u hav the mind of the lucifa to kill just. Seven years old boy, for ask many who hav hand in these little boy death you will hav peace in you life in Jesus name Amen.

  148. God will punish u pple and ur familys and ur generation pig will feed on ur wicked demon thunder fire u arm robbers wa da kill thife uwna never kill those wa de aso rock na small boy devil’s

  149. Too bad. They should have spared this innocent boy soul. We are all thief. Just garri, did he go there wit a gun? People are there watching those who did this we never have nd their generation

  150. This is wickedness,can a 7 years old boy steal a bag of garri or steal a bag of garri all peoples that involved should arrested and sentence to dealth

  151. People do say lagos is a civilize place but I never c good people or people with maturity. The place is a place of tout….am sure if this happen in abj they wud have help him out

  152. Each person responsible and each petson in a position yo have stopped this barbarity will be questioned by He Who owns the Heavens. May the CURSE of Allah be on the oppressors till the day of judgement. Ameen.


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