Hillary Clinton Blames FBI For Election Loss

Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton has reportedly blamed the Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) for her election loss.
Clinton’s decision to use a private server while she served as secretary of state led to concerns that she might have shared classified information.

Her emails became the subject of an investigation which eventually decided that there was no reason to press any charges against Clinton.

However, just a few days before the election, the FBI reopened the investigation over concerns that there might be new evidence.
It then began another review of her emails just a day before the elections.

Again, the FBI concluded that Clinton could not be charged. Hillary now believes that the timing of the investigation led to her election loss.

Several polls showed her in the lead just days before the election which she lost in stunning fashion to New York businessman, Donald Trump. Sources say Clinton blamed the FBI for the loss in a Saturday meeting with her top campaign donors.



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