Nigerian Man Set to Marry His Father’s Ex-Girlfriend…See Interesting Details

A young man is currently seeking support to marry one of his father’s ex girlfriends after helping them in the past to secure hotel accommodations for s*x.

Relationship blogger and consultant, Joro Olumofin has shared the story of an unnamed man who has fallen in love with his father’s ex girlfriend.
He is currently plotting to get married the lady and stands at risk of being against the will of his father and other family members.
Read the story below:
Source: Tori


  • Wow! What a story! Love or lust. Just have a rethink, dont be carryaway with her styles on bed. Becareful wen it comes to making decision on your betterhalf. She is gonna be with u till eternity. Don’t make a decision dat wldnt give u rest of mind in the future wen u see ur dad and wife alone. U need to be brainwash, so come marry me den! Lolz…kidding tho!

  • Almighty God will direct you but not settling down with you dad leftover. Tho, 95% of ladies are secondhanded brand new but trust me u wldnt stand ur wife’s ex, let alone your own father.

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