Southern Kaduna Nationalities Embark On Forgiveness, Dialogue Tour

The Southern Kaduna ethnic nationalities under the umbrella of Southern Kaduna Peoples Committee On Peace and Reconciliation, on Friday said they embarked on dialogue, forgive and forget the past tour in nooks and crannies of the region for peace to rain.

Addressing a news conference in Kaduna, the co-chairmen of Southern Kaduna Peoples Committee on Peace and Reconciliation, Ibrahim Abdullahi and Hon. Jonah Bonet, said the committee has planned to reach out to critical stakeholders to build a common consensus among the people of the area.

The group however condemned in strong terms the recent attack in some communities in Jema’a and Kaura local government areas.

According to the group: “The Southern Kaduna Peoples Committee on Peace and Reconciliation is a joint forum of concerned Southern Kaduna people who have agreed to come together irrespective of tribe, religion or political affiliation to work for the promotion of sustainable peace through the promotion of dialogue, sensitization and mobilization, building confidence and mutual interaction among the diverse people of the area.

The committee having realised that for any and reconciliation to succeed, the people of the area must have the zeal and the will to forgive the past and resolve to live in peace. No amount of security presence will guaranty peace if the people are not willing to embrace peace. It is therefore our cardinal objective to engage the people through dialogue, advocacy and sensitization in order to achieve our goal”

We are confident of achieving a sustainable peace, because the people at the grassroot are willing to embrace peace if only we can be able to break the manipulation by some few leaders, political, religious and traditional”

They added: “We therefore condemn in strong terms the recent attacks in some of the Southern Kaduna communities and we pray for the repose of the souls of those that lost their lives”

We wish to seize this opportunity to call on the Southern Kaduna people to forgive the past and embrace peace, without which there will be no any development in the region.”

Source: Leadership

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