Pastor Introduces Spiritual Pregnancy Test To Enable Women Know Who Got Them Pregnant | Photo

A controversial South Africa-based Malawian pastor, Shepard Bushiri, popularly addressed as the Major One has introduced an anointed pregnancy test to his congregants.

Bushiri said the anointed pregnancy test will help his female members to know the man who got them pregnant.

Major One made the shocking revelation during an interview on top radio station, Mpumalanga FM yesterday.

He said, “Instead of prophesying about the man who made them pregnant they can just use my accurate anointed pregnancy test. I speak the Word to those pregnancy test.

“The power of God will get in, they use my tests and God does something.’

He also warned about the terrors of invisible men known as “spiritual husbands” that stalk ordinary people’s houses, sleeping with both men and women.

He added, “These spiritual husbands, rape, cause horror and agony and also cause supernatural pregnancies.”

Source: Dailypost