See why you need to “stop opening bottles with your teeth” (Must read)

I use to feel sorry, whenever i see people open bottles with their teeth. It is not even like most of them have the best set of teeth, and i’m very sure that majority of them them don’t visit the dentists too as necessary.

A singer once praised us for this “super power”, and i can’t help but imagine how super we do feel after showing this our uniquely stupid super power.

Opening bottles with your teeth can crack your teeth, it can get the cusps of your teeth fractured, it can cause (serious) tooth breaks, it can split your tooth, and it can get your tooth(s) dislodged too.

So, why would you want to risk these serious damages when you can always get a bottle opener?

Why would put yourself in serious pain(s) when you can go for a canned drink instead?

Plastic drinks are all over Nigeria this days, so why will you insist on taking that risk?

Plastic and Canned drinks are more convenient, and environmental friendly; they are more portable, and easier to transport than there bottled counterparts too, so let us all learn how to use them.

please stay safe, and always remember that: No hard man, we all bleed red…