Man mistakenly steps on abandoned baby, Read full story here…

A young man identified as Maenda Johnson took to his Facebook handle to reveal how he mistakenly stepped on an abandoned baby. He narrated the experience as the worst day of his life. Johnson narrated how he was rushing to the park under the rain and suddenly as he was walking on a stagnant water, he felt something cold underneath is feet and behold it was a newborn baby with his placenta wrapped around him.
Johnson said: “I came out as usual looking dope and all that….and it was my first time of trying out a new outfit from my collection heating up soon…yea I sha am fine I told myself…and as usual it was an early morning journey. Welcome to ABA I told myself let the hustle begin…2hrs after meeting a client it started raining so heavily that I thought the world was coming to an end. I waited it was late I couldn’t wait any longer I had to just get to the park…it was 7.30pm.
Nothing to convey me to the park I had to trek…with all the fabrics and stuffs God! See water na… the stagnant water was hideous reaching almost to my tommy…. I must get to that park I told myself…suddenly I got to a kinda dry place though water was still on my ankle level.. then cars where looking for a way to pass..with their head lights on only to find out I have lost my wallet with all my atms…also a leg of my l.v shoe…. a cheque given to me by a client. ..God!…suddenly I felt somtin on my leg so cold…I ignored it coz I needed to make it to the no distractions. ..then I heard a big scream..haaahaaa what is that on your leg …a woman shouted.
Behold….a new born baby of about 4hrs..with still the placenta on and it’s a cute baby boy dead…..! The mother threw him away after birth and yes a very big opportunity coz it was raining. I blacked out I almost fainted. ..I became so stiff that I can barely move…tears from nowhere gushed through my cold checks. Why on earth would som1 destroy the life of an innocent child. ….who knows maybe he might become a president tomorrow. ..or bill gates… Just look at what we humans are doing…the world is so dirty that things like that this are just mere stories.
I saw a dead baby today I can’t still come out from this shock. We all should look at our lives…am not saying am perfect but God is watching. She could have at list sold him or motherless. May God grant me the strength to sleep coz am in great shock…now I can’t even find my smaller phone…ohh how great today has been…worst day ever.”
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