700 suspected cultists arrested in Anambra

No fewer than 700 suspected cultists and 38 suspected armed robbers were arrested in different parts of Anambra in the last three weeks, Garba Umar, the state commissioner of police, has said. Umar told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday, July 23 in Awka that the arrests were clear signal that Anambra was no longer a safe haven for criminals. “This number of arrests within three weeks to me was unprecedented and we will sustain the tempo until we flush out all the bad eggs in the state,’’ he said. He said that the police recovered several types of arms and ammunition from the suspects. The commissioner said that some of the suspects had been arraigned, while the command was still investigating cases leveled against others. He said that additional personnel had been deployed in Anambra by the Inspector-General (IG) to beef up the existing security in the state.

Umar said that the command had created 20 new units and deployed its personnel to various flash points across the state. “I personally patrol some of these locations to ensure efficient operations. I am not an arm chair police commissioner. “I move round myself to make sure that things are done the right way for security of lives and property of residents,” Umar said. Umar warned those who were in the habit of operating in offices and residential houses, especially around the Government House, Awka axis, to desist. He said that the command had set its dragnet in every location in the state; especially Awka, the capital, and that any person or group caught would be severely dealt with.

“We have the mechanism to checkmate the activities of our men; both the Inspector General and Commissioner of Police monitoring units are working hard. “We gave out our telephone numbers to the public to report any case of extortion and act of incivility and misconduct to us. The commissioner also advised the people of the state to disregard threats by any group that the forthcoming November 18 governorship election in Anambra would not hold. “We learnt that there are some disgruntled elements making some pronouncements against the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that people should boycott the Nov.18 governorship election in the state. “The group can say whatever they like, but the police and other security agents have a duty to secure the nation and as well ensure that the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is protected. “Where offences are committed; we will enforce the laws handed over to us for enforcement. We are ever ready to do that in Anambra and that is the fact. “We have all the resources at our disposal to ensure that those who are eligible to vote perform their civic responsibilities without any molestation. “And nobody within or outside the state can stop the exercise,’’ he said.



  1. if we have up to 700 suspects in Anambra, that means the state is no longer safe for us again. I don’t believe this news. I think it is just a fallacy and framed allegation upon the Anambra youths. thanks

  2. I will never stand to believe that the arrest of 700 cultist in Anambra state is true Ian dipicting this as a fact because Anambra it’s not known for cultism there are states in Nigeria which are prone to cultism and yet I haven’t heard this large number of culture participants been arrested apart from cultism there are disgrontled elements in Nigeria today who commits serious crime or say something that is even bigger than crime and yet they are not arrested even the effort the Nigerian Police are applying right now in Anambra state are not seen in this prone area were cultism is dominated.

  3. I don’t believe this frame up on innocent Anambra youths, reduce the number so that it will look a little real. Nigeria has grown far above believing anything you people put up to give us. How many police were wounded,killed in this so called clash or arrest of cultists or you the police kept the so cultists in a place and you have also gone there to pack them to cell. Please release innocent young men. If you have arm robbers with that you arrested treat according to the LAW and don’t link that to innocent ones you are calling cultists. Tell the WORLD you have started arresting IPOB ahead of 18 Nov. election period.

  4. l love that, I appreciate the work done, anambra state is the most very corrupted state,
    l remember the time am doing my one year youth service, hmmmmm those people are very weaked they alway put fear in my life every time.

  5. what are they even saying 700? cultist in anambra state? that’s a huge falasy. If they want to lie, they should go and gather little children and tell them this rubbish than telling a full blown adults like we are. See this is a big ploy to arrest all the IPOB members bcoz they heard there will be no election in anambra state that’s why they are doing this to scare other members is the IPOB.

  6. Yea! that’s the strategy they use in the elimination of Igbo people. How many arrest have they made in Lagos state to wipe out badoo cult?

  7. The youths in Anambra are not coward, because since our Governor took over there were no criminal activity in Anambra any more so calling those boys cults or arm robber is fallacy and a big lair’s. mr commission. remember what ever you committee in Anambra will leave after you.

  8. thank you very much Mr commissioner for your good work and also to our governor Sir Willie obiano for his good work to our state anambra we promise you that election must hold don’t mind those criminals


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