Mum kills herself after crashing husband’s car he told her not to drive

Anastasia Lysukho, from Novocherkassk in Russia reportedly killed herself after crashing her husband’s car which he banned her from driving while he was away on business, because he didn’t trust her driving skills.

The mother of one who caused around £9,000 in damage after she drove her husband’s VAZ-2106 car into three cars within minutes, fled the scene leaving the car behind after the accident.

husband's car

MailOnline reports that Police said she was fearful of telling her husband what had happened because the car was not insured. She is understood to have left a note before taking her life.

A police spokesman said: “It is believed that the lack of insurance together with her fear of telling her husband about what happened triggered the tragedy.”It is also believed she had nervous breakdown after the accident and might not have realised what she was doing.”

husband's car



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