Son beats 81-year-old mother to death to please his wife (Photos)

The death of an  81-year-old mother, which came after she was ruthlessly beaten by her own son in Alexandria has sparked outrage in Egypt, with many calling for severe punishment of her son.

Zeinab as-Sayyid Mahfouz, was beaten by her son to please his wife who had complained about her. He left her unconscious and bleeding in the hall of their residence and went out for dinner with his wife.

Hiiraan reported that blood seeped outside the apartment door alarming the neighbors who broke into the house after no one opened the door for them. Zeinab was bleeding when they found her and was immediately transferred to hospital, where she died of her injuries.When the son and his wife learnt what happened, they tried to flee but security forces detained the son who confessed to the crime.

Egyptians have taken to social media to demand justice for Zeinab and called on lawyers not to defend her “ungrateful” son.
However, the deceased woman’s oldest daughter, Rajaa al-Araby, told that her mother died of a brain clot and her brother should not be blamed. .

She said her mother had been living with her brother and his wife for about five years and she was appreciative of her daughter-in-law. Rajaa added that the online campaign against her brother demanding strict punishment for him was aimed at tarnishing the image of the family.

She said her brother was first admitted to the hospital for brain clot on 13 September and she died two days lmater. .
When asked about the bruises on her mother’s eyes, Rajaa said her mother had collapsed following a stroke caused by the clot. Due to the fall, her spectacles broke and bruised her eyes, she claimed.

Source – KemiFilani