OMG!!! 29 year-old boy rapes his 85 year-old grandmother

The Osun state Police Command has arrested a 29 year old man identified as Kehinde Ariyo for raping his 85 year old grandmother in Ijoka area of Ilesha, Osun state.

According to reports, Kehinde is an apprentice of carpentry was paraded alongside other suspects by the Osun state commissioner of Police Fimihan Adeoye for offences ranging from armed robbery, to cultivation and selling of Cannabis .


Of special interest however was that of Kehinde Ariyo who attributed the atrocity to excessive alcohol.

Answering question from journalists, Kehinde said ” I am an apprentice learning carpentry. I went to a party on that Friday and I asked Mama to come open the door for me. Mama opened the door and went back to her room. After about thirty minutes on the sofa, I knocked the door of Mama’s room saying I want to explain to her why I had no place to sleep and stopped going to where I am learning carpentry. As Mama opened the door and I finished talking with her, I didn’t know how every other thing happened “.

Asked if he knew he raped Mama, Kehinde answered in the affirmative saying he raped the 85 year old woman twice as she could not struggle.

Kehinde Ajayi was arrested in the house of the octogenarian as he was said to have passed out after the act due to alcohol he alleged to have taken at the party he was coming from.

The state police command also paraded suspected synducates who specialised in snatching of vehicles. Over five vehicles were recovered from the suspects during the time were arrested by the police.

Source: ( TimeNews)