Woman Claims She Sees, Communicates With Ghosts Every Day | Photos

It is often said that Africans are a large part of human beings who actually believe in supernatural presence and a young Nigerian lady has confirmed her communication with spirits.

A Nigerian lady identified as Christy Glo, who is a massage therapist who seems to be a firm believer in supernatural presence, has claimed that she sees and communicates with ghosts on a daily basis.
The lady who claimed that the ghost she sees helps her with her business, revealed that different ghosts appear to her on daily basis to guide her with her work, adding that the ghosts help her identify bad and good customers.

When I hear people say Ghosts don't exist, I just laugh bcoz I have seen & communicated with Ghosts many times.

Posted by Christy Glo on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

She said that the ghosts allegedly tell her when not to go for home service at the house of bad customers. She also claimed the ghost sometimes watch her back when she goes to a bad customer’s house.

Source: Facebook

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