Burkina Faso places ban on products from North Korea

Burkina Faso is banning imports from North Korea to comply with tough UN economic sanctions punishing Pyongyang’s weapons programmes, the government said Wednesday.

The decision comes after an inquiry by the United States in October showed that Burkina Faso was still trading with North Korea despite sanctions imposed the month before.

“Following this inquiry, we conducted a thorough investigation at the commerce ministry and at the level of the finance department and found that there were economic operators importing from North Korea,” said Foreign Minister Alpha Barry.

“Instructions have been given to the two ministries to end these importations,” he said.

The ban applies to both Burkina Faso citizens and foreign nationals living in the country, he added.

According to official figures, imports from North Korea – mainly petroleum products – amounted to 3.8 billion CFA francs ($6.8 million, 5.8 million euros) in 2016.

In September, a United Nations resolution was adopted placing tougher economic sanctions on North Korea after the United States pushed for further action.

The UN hopes the fresh measures will pile pressure on Pyongyang to negotiate an end to its banned nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.

Source: ( AFP )


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