Woman brutalizes step-sister for refusing to dropout of school in Delta State (Graphic Photos)

A lady has been brutallly attacked by her step-sister in Delta State for refusing to drop out of school in order for her sister’s children to get an education.

The incident occured in Umuseti, Delta state, after a woman slashed her sister’s head with a sharp object.

According to the story shared online by Oshanor John, the sisters are from a polygamous family and from his story, it can be inferred that finances are tight in the family and only a few people can be sponsored at each time to get an education. The sister was allegedly upset that her sister wouldn’t stop school so her child could go, therefore, she tried to get her sister out of the way.

“see what elder sister done to her younger one just because she refuse to stop school for her children (polygamous family) hmmmm




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