5 Essentials Go-To For Travel Packing

Packing may look easy but its a big chore. From knowing what to leave behind and what to pick. The worse part of any trip especially if you are traveling by air is when your checked in luggage goes missing. In order to be a smart traveler, have your essential survival  kit in your carry-on luggage. What then goes into the carry-on luggage;

1. Toiletry bag – Its advisable to always keep it small. such bags should contain lotion, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Keeping a small selection of toiletries in your carry-on also prevents you from having to scatter your suitcase in public.

2. Laptop, phone and chargers – Never leave your laptop and phones in your check-in luggage and no matter how great your battery life is, don’t assume it’s going to have enough juice to get you to your accommodation. Keep your charger with you in case you need a quick boost, especially if all the information you need to get from point A to point B is saved in your inbox.

3. A few underwear and clothing – Keep a change of underwear with you in case your luggage gets lost or you want to freshen up post-flight. If your checked luggage gets lost, at least you’ll something to change into when you arrive. You might still have to go buy a few things if your luggage doesn’t turn up within a day, but at least you won’t need to rush to find a store right away

4. Wallet and documents – Keep your ID, cards, money, credit cards, plane ticket and other documents you need in one place in your bag so that you don’t lose anything important. And it’s a smart idea to print out tickets, directions, and itineraries that you’ve stored on your phone just in case.

5. A book – If looking out the window is enough to keep you occupied, then that is absolutely fine otherwise, it is best to bring a book or magazine. When traveling with books, stay away from hardcovers that will weigh you down.