Shocking Video Of A Strange Creature Going Into T.B Joshua’s Church In Lagos

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Social media users have been left completely stunned after a strange and rather angelic being was briefly caught on camera outside TB Joshua’s church.

This is the video of an alleged ‘supernatural sighting’ outside the gates of T.B. Joshua’s Lagos-based Church which has triggered debate on social media.

The unusual video uploaded to Emmanuel TV’s YouTube Channel, which has subsequently gone viral, shows an onlooker outside The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) recording the entrance of the church whilst inside a stationary vehicle.

Suddenly, a flashy figure in white is seen mysteriously crossing the road and entering inside the Church premises.

The anonymous sender of the footage, whose accent suggests he is of Ghanaian origin, is heard telling his colleague that he actually saw the strange movement.

Joshua’s social media channels requested reactions from viewers, the overwhelming majority asserting that the figure was an ‘angel’ caught on camera.

“I have watched the video 20 times,” wrote a commenter known as ‘Baty’ on YouTube who described himself as a professional graphics editor. “This is not a reflection of any sought, neither is it editing; it’s a pure angel,” he concluded, citing the height of the ‘being’ and the speed of its movement.

Nnadi Uchenna contributed: “What I saw was not a reflection of any glass or shadow. It was actually a moving transparent object in human shape… For me, it is an angel of God.”

However, not all were in agreement. “Not all ghost-like creatures are angels; that doesn’t look angelic to me,” opined Iugano Jackson, corroborated by some who suggested it could even be the ‘work of demons’.

Others were more skeptical, suggesting it was either camera trickery, the work of computer generated imagery or merely the reflection from the vehicle’s glass.

To followers of Joshua, however, the video was largely lauded as an authenticating sign.

“The Synagogue Church Of All Nations is not just an ordinary building or a cinema or a historical sculpture,” tweeted Andy Lawrence. “To those whom God will open their eyes will see the angels there!”

Watch the video below:

-Emmanuel TV

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  1. Ghosts, Demons and any for of evil can take the form of angelic looks. Though, can’t say actually, since I am not part of his followers. I am a film maker and I believe that CGI can be made to look like that.

  2. we were told from the Bible angels have wings, I didn’t see any wings. the angel could have easily flown inside since it appears he was in a hurry. The appearance was like a Muslim figure with hijab

  3. please I will not doubt this angelic figure because it has happen to me. one night I slept with my music player,playing christian worship songs in my ear, All of a sudden I saw my self standing close to a church building the same worship song that was playing in my ear was the same worship song that was coming out of the church building in my dream, later on I saw myself crying so bitterly as I look toward the sky I saw a transparent white human figure in the sky then I woke up. I am telling you this one that they captured on camera was exactly what I saw in my dream.

  4. Please, the whole world should stop deceiving themselves by mentioning anything they like with their mouths.. I Love T.B Joshua so much & his ministry and i have seen him countless times in Gods revelation to me even before and after I attended his Church. I will go straight to the point…‘‘That Shadow is not an angel of God, it is Death passing through the Synagogue’’

  5. Shalom to all readers in Jesus might name.. If you can see the Angle than Prophet TB Joshua is a PROPHET from GOD the Father of our Lord JESUS CHRIST…..

  6. people of the world don’t allow Satan to deceive u ,he’s controlling the world already he’s controlling humans mind human speech destiny.and when Satan control all this from human then he control’s the world, synagogue is the way go there see with your self stop computer programming just to spoiled the man of god devil is controlling ur mind keeping u in the dark not to light ,but remember when Jesus came we criticised him and kill him now we are pleading for forgiveness let’s be wise prophet of GOD is in our backyard but we are even trying to repeat history again trying to kill another man of God as we kill Christ devil is inside us controlling our mind cast him out of you now in Jesus name amen.

  7. Abegeeee…either na Photoshop effects, or na well placed image reflection on that glass window between the camera operator and the building. If not then why didn’t other people see this apparition…why is it only this person who saw it? No go find Betta work do with your videography skills…see you.

  8. be it good or bad as you may say ,I trust The senior Prophet TB JOSHUA, no witch, no fake Angle can try him,
    TB JOSHUA is too much for anything, you want try?

  9. Don’t perish because you lack wisdom, the person that set the camera towards the church are you a christian, if you are have you spoken with God to know if what you saw was an angel and why you were allowed to see it? Let’s be careful, no one has the power to judge, let’s assume the camera was set to face an herbalist/native doctors hut, could you have said it’s a demon, let’s be wise and stop all this assumptions against any prophetic leader. don’t be a judge, leave the duty for God.

  10. Truth is very bitter, but its good to say it. I will not be surprised if God will send his Angle to TB Joshua SCOAN if you take a good look the Bible you see that all the scoan and Emmanuel TV partinas all over the world stand for is love, given and care. for the needy . Unlike the rest churches we have in Nigeria some pastors own the best cars, and own there own private university, schools which only the rich can afford. The list school fee in those schools Is one hundred thousand naira . But if you take your Google to search and look at the number of scholarship that TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV patina are offering to the poor and less privileges all over the world is enough of and Angle to come and visit the scoan.

  11. u can’t see an angel in the original form.
    Angels are not composed of physical matter but are spirit beings created by God (Heb. 1:14).

    they can only b visible wen they take human form.
    They can resemble human form when God permits or wills it (Gen. 19).
    Daniel 10:5-6 gives a vivid description of an angel that he saw: “I looked up and there before me was a man dressed in linen, with a belt of fine gold from Uphaz around his waist. His body was like topaz, his face like lightning, his eyes like flaming torches, his arms and legs like the gleam of burnished bronze, and his voice like the sound of a multitude.”

    angel move like lightening as much that they can’t be catch on camera.
    “His appearance was like lightning, and his clothes were white as snow” (Matt. 28:4).

    angels are so gigantic than dis small thing u put here to b an angel.

    try again later

  12. Pls stop deceiving yourself, anybody that sees angel will never live for a second. May be the worshipers are been hallucinated

  13. This is just deception so that people can believe something whatever that is I dont know but the truth is you cant see an Angel of God with your physical eye if not that God actually sent the Angel to you not to talk of seeing Angels on camera people wake up dont just be deceived very cheaply like this!


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