Advice Column: My Husband of 5years Lied That He Studied Engineering but Its a Lie!!!

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I met my husband on a flight to Abuja from Lagos. We sat next to each other on the plane, one thing led to another, we got talking and before you know it, we had started talking as if we have known each other for years.

We got to Abuja, we exchanged numbers and pins(it was the era of BBM) and that was how I found myself in the best relationship of my life until recently. During the getting-to-know each other period, he told me he studied Engineering and graduated from University of Lagos.

We got married after one year of dating and things just somehow changed after the marriage. I thought I knew the man I married but it turned out I didn’t. He would travel all the way to PH to be with another woman in the name of work. He would password his phones and never ever charge them the few times, he’s home. We had a fight in January this year and he packed his bag and said he was leaving the house for me. Somehow, an old friend of ours, walked in on the scene and tried to make peace.

After the whole counseling session, he saw the friend off and I decided to return his bag to his room, I don’t know why I searched it but I found the most shocking evidence of my life. His certificate!

Turns out Oga, didn’t go to a University but a polytechnic. Somehow, in the years that I have known him, I have never seen his credentials from school. I remember I asked one time, where is certificates are because I have never seen them. He said they were at his parents house and he left it there for safe keeping.

I feel so betrayed and lied to. Been wondering how many lies I would soon find out. I can’t seem to get this betrayal out of my mind. Please, help me because nothing he says makes any sense to me anymore.


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  • Madam, why are u fooling yourself? What is the difference between a university and a polytechnic? Afterall, the best engineering certificate is from the polytechnic. He never lied to u. He told u he studied engineering not that he went to the university. Is it him u are married to or his certificate? Pls just pack well! If u are no more interested in him, better women would. why am I even wasting my time on a topic like this?

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