Countdown: 1 week to see the Original FIFA World Cup Trophy LIVE

Set your timer right! One week from today and we are going to see the Original FIFA World
Cup Trophy Live. I can feel the chills all over…I mean goose bumps! It’s finally going to be
here; first in Abuja and then in Lagos. If you have not gotten your ticket to see the original
FIFA World Cup Trophy when it arrives…then you are on a long thing.

So what are you waiting for? Follow Coca-Cola on Facebook @CocaColanigeria, Instagram
@Coca-Cola_NG and Twitter @ Coca-Cola_NG to also join the challenge to win a ticket. You
might be lucky and just win a VVIP ticket to hang out in style with your favourite Naija
celebrities and the FIFA World Cup Trophy.

Wow! Can’t wait to be part of this once in a life time moment! It’s going to be ground
breaking! Thanks Coca-Cola!


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