Mom Uses Her Dead Son’s Sperm To Get Herself A Set Of Twin

The love of a mother for her child can make her do anything if only she is armed with enough determination and a never-say-die attitude.

In an unusual case a 49-year-old Pune-based teacher fought against all odds to ‘reincarnate’ her son whom she lost two years ago to cancer.

Aided by a 35-year-old surrogate mother, Rajashree Patil has managed to use her unmarried son’s stored sperm to facilitate the birth of twins —a girl and a boy. It is her way of ensuring proximity to a little bit of her son.

Patil, a resident of Market Yard, faced lot of opposition from her in-laws as her son had been unmarried and she still wanted to keep his legacy alive.

She was, however, supported throughout her ordeal by her daughter Prisha who has taken responsibility of the twins along with her mother.

Patil had wanted to conceive the children herself by being the surrogate mother but was not found medically fit by doctors.

Instead, his semen was used to fertilise an egg which was given by an anonymous donor, who was not related to the family, before being implanted into a close relative.

The surrogate, 35, has now given birth to twins and Rajashree says she will raise the little boy and girl, who are technically her grandchildren, as though they are her own.

She called the boy Prathamesh while she named the little girl after her daughter Prisha, who will help her raise the babies. : CEN

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