Advice column: My wife went to sleep with another man because she caught me cheating

We have been married for 3 years and we have a child. I lost my job a few months after our wedding and I won’t lie, my wife took up the financial burden of the family including giving me monthly stipends and she never for once complained. Luckily for me, June last year through the effort of my wife’s elder brother, I got a job with an oil firm, juicy offer!!!

It was like everything I had lost were being returned to me in hundred folds but something happened when I went off station, I was lonely and sex starved, so I asked a lady out, and we started dating. I made it clear to her that this was temporary, that I am a married man, which she agreed to.

Unfortunately,  my wife came visiting  one weekend at my out-station and I told my girlfriend to stay off but it seems she is the devil sent from hell to ruin my family. She barged into my apartment that evening asking me to give her money to fix her for the weekend.

My wife shouted at her to get out but the  stupid girl asked my wife to calm down that they are both my women. I almost fainted. My wife traveled back that evening with a promise to pay me back in my own coin. Which she did and even sent me photos.

I want to divorce her because I can’t get it out of my head but I need advice so I don’t act irrationally.


  1. It is obvious that both you and your wife have acted irrationally by having extra-marital affairs. You cannot justify your infidelity by the fact that you are a man, and being “sex-starved” so succumbed to unfaithful act. Of course, what your wife did was reprehensible as well. But, what is the way out? Sacking her now is carrying your irrationality too far. You need to be sober, and reflect on your own infidelity, then ask God for forgiveness, and promise to turn over a new leaf. Then approach your wife maturely and talk things over. You should forgive each other, and forge ahead with your relationship devoid of cheating.

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