Advice Column: my wife is a Jezebel and I can no longer cope

My wife is a demon,in fact she is the Jezebel of the 21st century. How did I not see this before I married her. She likes to party up and down and abandons her duty as a wife. There is no owambe she’s invited to, that she doesn’t attend and make aso ebi for. If I try to caution her, she comes at me like a wounded tiger. The worst part is, our two year old daughter is the victim of her mum’s irresponsibility. Our maid has become her mother and help.

My wife doesn’t miss the opportunity to tell me my life history, whenever we have issues – she is so disrespectful and rude. She can insult me in front of everyone including my family. I feel because she earns more than me or something. I love her but I don’t think I can continue like this. Please, what do I do?

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  1. Marriage can be a living hell if you marry the wrong woman in life.
    Imagine the trauma of living in a hell kind of marriage for an entire life time!
    God help us…


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