If The President Has No Update On IGP, How Do You Expect Him To Have Update On Shekau – Aisha Yesufu

Co-convener of Bring Back Our Girls, Aisha Yesufu has taken to social media to criticize President Muhammadu Buhari after he denied that he didn’t know that Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris disobeyed his order of relocating to Benue State to restore law and order and prevent further loss of lives in the state.

She questioned President Buhari’s action saying with such an attitude, the President is likely not to have an update on Boko Haram terrorist, Abubakar Shekau.

“Dear President Muhammadu Buhari @MBuhari Thank you for giving me a break yesterday. I didn’t need to tweet about your incompetence, cluelessness, directionless and ineptitude you showed it to Nigerians for them to see it loud and clear.

They heard it from the horse’s mouth.

You also said it yourself to whom your loyalty was. It was to the men around you and not to the people of Nigeria. We had seen this in your actions but there were many who were more tolerant and had kept on giving you benefit of doubt who needed to hear it from you and they did hear it.

You have chosen to hear what is most important to you. While within days you knew what bulldozer did in Kaduna State you failed to find out what was happening in Benue State. Even though you were told of more deaths in Benue State, you refused to question the IG you sent to Benue on why there was more deaths instead you chose to be loyal to the IG. It’s okay you have chosen whom you stand with. We also would choose whom we would stand with. What you got from the people of Benue is a teaser of what awaits you in many more States. The silent majority would not be silent for too long.

In Taraba you said you get intelligence and didn’t need to leave Aso Villa to be able to get information of what is happening in the Nation and there you were in Benue telling the world you didn’t know what every Tom Dick and Harry knew. Mr President what a shame! Now I understand the expression that a bad person doesn’t feel ashamed it’s the people around him/her that do. Honestly Mr President I feel so very ashamed on your behalf and I have so much sympathy for those who still defend you and you make their job of defending you so hard. Mr President can’t you give them a break? Mr President everyone has 5 minutes of being the opposite of who they are in a day. Please use your 5 minutes to be competent and give us a break from the comedy you have turned governance to.

I want to say to Benue people Thank you for showing President Muhammadu Buhari @mbuhari the reality on ground. The reality he is being shielded from. #BuhariMustGo 

PS I do not believe the President when he said he was not aware of the IG leaving Benue. He thinks his usual I DON’T KNOW gets him off the hook.

Sorry Mr President you are paid to know what the IG ate for dinner. The bucks stop at your table. No excuses. If the President has no update on IG of @police how do you expect him to have update on Shekau?

Cluelessness is a disease!”

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