Advice Column: I sold all I had to start a family Business, Now my husband and his mistress have hijacked it


My husband and I got married in 2013 with absolutely no money in our bank accounts. The wedding was entirely financed by my parents and him and  his family only just showed up.

After a year of running to my family for support to feed myself and my husband, my dad gave me N600k to start a business and I sold everything of worth that  I had to increase the capital.

I got a shop and started selling cement and at first it was frustrating but after a while it picked up and I even became a big distributor. My mom took ill and I had to be shuttling between Lagos and  Warri to take care of her(I’m an only child). So, my husband told me to stay till my mom got better that he’d help me with my business. I trusted him with my kids and the business.

Unfortunately, my mom didn’t make it, so my family fixed a near date and we did the burial. My husband of course couldn’t come with the kids. I got back to Lagos, worn out and agonized after 4months. Waiting to fall into my husband’s welcoming hands but I met the opposite. My neighbour told me, one young girl has(whom my husband told them is my younger sister)  been living with them.

I went to the shop and found them there. When I walked her out, My husband told me, I should be grateful that she is has been the one handling my duties. I was so shocked I passed out. I was told later by my husband that he loves the girl and nothing stops him from marrying more than one women.

I asked  both he and his mistress to leave my shop, he said he wouldn’t that he took care of the business for months and would refund my startup capital and some compensation. It feels like I’m dreaming, please someone wake me up before I do harm to everybody including myself

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