Change, they say, is constant. But when a change occurs, not only as a phase but as a process that spurs positive growth and life-changing innovation, then that change causes a positive disruption.

Just like the hatching of an egg which births new life, Sweet Nutrition Limited (SNL), a fast-moving consumer goods company, previously known as Bayswater Industries Limited, relaunched different variants of their Mr. Chef seasoning into the Nigerian market.

The reintroduction of the seasoning variants was aimed at reinforcing the Mr. Chef brand which has become a household name in Nigeria particularly with their iodized salt. The new and improved seasoning variants hope to meet the needs of not only families but also food enthusiasts and culinary experts who deserve quality and tasty spices for their meals.

The different delicious variants range from CUBES which includes Mr. Chef Beef, Mr. Chef Tomatoes, Mr. Chef Chicken to POWDER which includes Mr. Chef Fried Rice, Mr. Chef Stew, Mr. Chef Jollof Rice, Mr. Chef CrayFish, Mr. Chef Curry Powder, Mr. Chef pepper soup, Mr. Chef Goat Meat, and Mr. Chef Ginger Onion Garlic.

The new variants have been specially packaged to transform every meal into a nourishing feast, giving consumers the excitement of creating delightful memories!

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