22-year-old man films himself raping 13-year-old girl, gets 16 years jail sentence

A man who grabbed a 13-year-old schoolgirl off the street and filmed himself raping her has been jailed for 11 years.

Omieke Glenn, 22, snatched his victim as she walked to a friend’s house and threatened to hurt her if she did not comply.

He filmed himself raping her on a porch outside an address in Southwark, south London in May last year.

He then raped her again, despite being interrupted by the victim’s friends who had come to find her.

Glenn was found guilty by a jury at Inner London Crown Court of two counts of rape at an earlier trial.

He was jailed for 11 years and will also serve a further five years on license. The court heard the young victim reported Glenn immediately after the rape and he was arrested the next day.

He was charged in December and identified through an ID parade and forensic evidence.

Detective Constable Amy Beautridge, of the Met’s Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command, said: “The young victim has shown immense courage from the start by coming forward and telling Police about the abuse she suffered at the hands of Glenn.

“She has assisted the investigation throughout, which has helped to ensure that her attacker has been brought to justice.

“I hope that this sentencing result brings some closure for the victim so she can move forward with her life.”

Detective Inspector Colin Archer added: “Glenn has been exposed as a highly dangerous individual who had a callous disregard for the harm he caused when satisfying his own sexual needs.

“His actions were worsened by the fact that he filmed the attack, one can only presume for his own gratification or to share with others for theirs.

“I would like to thank the victim for having the strength, bravery and courage, not only to come forward but to see the matter through to trial.”

Glenn, of Southwark, south London had denied two counts of rape.