Uche Maduagwu Blasts Kemi Olunloyo For Mocking Linda Ikeji

The war between Linda Ikeji And Kemi Olunloyo is getting hotter. Controversial actor, Uche Maduagwu has exposed Kemi Olunloyo of how Linda Ikeji gave her 100k when she needed help.

He took to his Instagram page to ran on how ungrateful Kemi is and said only a fool like her would say Linda Ikeji’s baby is from a surrogate mother.

“Only a FOOL at 50 would say @officiallindaikeji Baby is from a surrogate mother…😃😀😃 I’m so ANGRY right now because it just got to my notice that one FOOLISH, educated illiterate, and “mentally unavailable”, social media NUISANCE allegedly said @officiallindaikeji Baby, is from a surrogate #mother,👊🏽 that’s the most disgusting thing I’ve heard coming from a fellow woman.😭

“People rejoice when a new baby is born, but not with this retired HYPOCRITE,😃 she thrives in the oasis of her own unlimited foolery. Baby J is a child of promise, and i, the Biggest Actor rejoice with my big SISTER @officiallindaikeji 💎 but to this Madam hypocrite, “i too know is my hobby”, 😀” i fight little kids is my only TALENT”,😃😃 what’s your business madam?✈

“At your OLD age, you’re still dragging the medium through which an innocent baby that is old enough to be your grandson was born, please go back and apologize to your village Elders, especially the very ones that used your common sense to fry “Akara”🍩🍩 in Port Harcourt.😀😃

“Linda Ikeji Allegedly gave this IDIOT 100k when she was in need,💰💰💰 yet, her Thank you is to constantly MOCK her…😃 This is why some women are always so SCARED to HELP other women in NEED.

“To those who complain that women don’t support each other in #Nigeria, its not #TRUE, this is one of the reasons most women run away from assisting fellow women, some women are chronic and Ungrateful liar, they’ll PRETEND to be LOYAL only when in the PRISON of hardship,🍞 but they’ll later RUBBISH your image in public when they’ve gotten what they need, ungrateful souls.😭

“@lauraikejithanks for always standing by your #sister. The real MOTHER’S in Nigeria celebrate with @officiallindaikejiCongrats Ma.❤”


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