2019 presidency: 40% of cabinet will be women and youths – Atiku


Presidential candidate of the Peoples Demoratic Party(PDP), Atiku Abubakar in hope of winning the 2019 presidential election, has said his policy document for Nigeria, is ready.

According to the former vice president, while speaking via Twitter on Wednesday, 40 percent of his cabinet will include youths and women as this is the only way to change, Nigeria’s latest title as the headquarters for extreme poverty.

In his words:

“Nigeria under Buhari is now the world HQ for extreme poverty. If we are to change that, we must empower women & youths.”

“Therefore, I give an undertaking that if by the grace of God, I am elected by you the good people of Nigeria, at least 40% of my cabinet would be women & youths.”

“During my time in government, we designed our policies to help young people grow – stronger banks, telecoms etc. Many returned to Nigeria to start successful businesses.

“Today, those young people are leaving again, to Canada etc. We are losing our best doctors & professionals.

“Our policy document which is ready and will be unveiled soon, is dedicated primarily to creating an enabling environment for Nigerian youth and women to return to the path of wealth creation and gainful employment.