Princess Shyngle reveals the challenges dark-skinned ladies go through

Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle has narrated the discrimination dark-skinned girls go through in the entertainment industry. According to her, many girls are denied movie roles because of their dark-skin complexion.

She further stated that some ladies are told to go bleach before they can get ahead with their dreams.

She wrote:

”As a black woman I want to apologize to every black girl out there that has been a victim of colorism, I’ve been a victim too ( you are too dark for a movie role, you are too dark to date him, you are too dark for this endorsement deal, you are too dark to make it in the industry, you are too dark to be happy, you are black and ugly, no man will ever marry you , your skin disgust me, go bleach you’ll look pretty) I’ve seen and heard it all but it never moved me, instead it makes me prouder of my skin . So I want my black queens out there to be proud of their skin color, never allow anyone or society try to bring you down, your black skin is your crown 👑 wear it like the queen you are and conquer the world… The darker the berry , the sweeter the juice 😍❤️❤️ . I love my black skin, do you love.”