Jim Iyke blasts follower who said he’s getting old

These people just won’t listen! They won’t listen… until the actor goes to their houses and exchange fisticuffs with them.

Another troll has intentionally stepped on the cobra’s tail but we’re not sure if he was aware of the consequence that would follow.

After he shared a selfie of himself on his page, a follower decided to notify the actor that age is beginning to tell on him and even referred to him as ‘uncle’.

‘Grace’ wasn’t found on the user – whose username is zionsonofgrace – after the actor pounced on him in response, as he proffered solutions to his problems.

Read their exchange below,

zionsonofgrace: uncle old age done Dey come close ooooo

Jim Iyke: @zionsonograce ignorance and excess use of bleaching cream is damaging. U look like a giant bleached lizard. U look tired and deadbeat in your early thirties already. u will look like my grandpa in your forties. Hard life, frustrations and lack of hope has destroyed your esteem. Chane your lineage of poverty and advise yourself

If you want to go at Jim Iyke, you either go hard or go home