Tania Omotayo under fire after an IG page allegedly owned by her fiancé calls out his ex

Wizkid’s ex girlfriend, Tania Omotayo, has been dragged into a drama involving her fiancé’s ex.

Yesterday, a page allegedly owned by her fiancé, Sumbo, started posting some explicit contents about his alleged ex, Tolu, accusing her of trying to destroy his marriage by feeding blogs with the secrets they shared.

While many were skeptical, most were of the opinion that it was truly Sumbo that owns it because the page has been running for almost a year, with his pictures, those of his friends and his business littering it.

Among the videos posted yesterday, was one in which a girl – he claimed to be Tolu – could be seen, half-naked, on a bed FaceTiming with someone.

However, Tania has come out to dissociate her husband from the page, insisting that there is no drama in her own paradise, but many people are not having it.

The claimed that the contents shared were too intimate to be posted by just a stranger.

Read exchange below;


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