So many children of rich men become a menace to the society- comedian Gordons


Veteran comedian Gordons has said most children of wealthy men become menace to the society, as he talked about life being a vanity.

The  comedian took to his Instagram page to . He wrote;

Posting via his Instagram page, Gordons talked about what happens to the children of wealthy men after their death.

The comedian wrote,

“Am just thinking about what happens to the children of the wealthy men after their death. most of them becomes menance to the society i can relate to the edewos , the mosheshes, the abiolas etc pls add to the list if you know any.

“So am of the school of thought that what is the reason behind the ritual killing in both entertainment, political yahoo boys and business and all the sleepless nite that we all go through to make money if they are all going to end up in vanity anyways.

“I do hope tony Anenihs children will break thise circle. king Solomon said it all.”