‘We Can’t Keep Wasting Our Lives’- Soldiers Abandon Fight Against Boko Haram, says Boko Haram insurgents are equipped with better weapon. (Video)

A video footage is trending online showing some Nigerian soldiers absconding from the war against Boko haram in Baga area of Borno state.

The gallant soldiers said when Nigeria Army is ready to provide them with weapons, they will come back and fight, but for now they are not ready to fight Boko Haram and keep wasting their lives.

One of the soldiers confirmed that many of his colleagues have been killed. They said Boko Haram insurgents are equipped with better weapons

There has been intense fighting between the Boko Haram and Nigerian troops in Baga in the past few days. On Friday, the Nigerian air force announced how it deployed several aircraft to bomb gatherings of the insurgents who had attacked a military base in Baga.

On Sunday, the army, in a statement by Onyeka Nwachukwu, a colonel, accused some “unscrupulous individuals” of “trying to create panic and unnecessary humanitarian problems for undisclosed reasons.”