Just In: Deji Adeyanji granted bail

Deji Adeyanju has been granted bail, according to latest report. The activist, who has spent 67 days in prison, was granted bail but he must provide sureties and N500,000, his lawyers said.

“He was asked to provide a senior civil servant in Kano State, and two pieces of land with N500,000,” Mr Agada said. “We are confident that this requirement would be met and he’ll be released today, according Adeyanju’s ally, Theophilus Agada.

It with be recalled that Adeyanju, vibrant political commentator was whisked away by police on December 13, following the reopening of a 2005 murder case in Kano.

It is worthy of note, that Adeyanju was charged for murder in 2005 at the Kano State High Court, but was discharged and acquitted in 2009 after a lengthy trial, according to Premium Times.

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