Police seek more information on man, who was almost “set up” by wicked policemen

The Nigeria police office has reacted to a publication by a Nigerian Facebook user, alleging that he narrowly escaped being ‘set up’ by some police officers.

The narrator had said via his Facebook handle that some policemen he ran into, had planted incriminating things in his vehicle, because he opened his trunk for them while still in the car.

The narrator who was sharing the story to advice others not to make the same mistake said upon driving away from the policemen and opening his trunk based on his instinct, found that they had planted something there that would have put him into big trouble.

In a statement by the force headquarters on Tuesday, it noted that the narrator or anyone that knows him, should come further with more evidence as they are hellbent of purging the force of impunity.

See full statement below

The attention of the Nigeria Police Force has been drawn to a publication on Facebook handle “Crack Team Naija” entitled “DON’T OPEN YOUR CAR TRUNK FROM INSIDE FOR ANYONE”.

The concerns raised therein are well acknowledged. The Force wishes to note however that it does not have facts to authenticate the veracity or otherwise the of the alleged claims on the FB handle. We are not sure if the story is a true account or a mere fabrication by its maker.

If the story is however factual, the Force Public Relations Department will require additional information to enable the department take up the matter and ensure that the author gets justice and also save other Nigerians from the possibility of a future ‘set- up’ The Force therefore requests the author to avail us with the date of the incidence, State, Local Government, Police Division close to the location, description of the alleged Police Team, Inscription on the Police Vehicle if any, etc.

We equally request that, anyone who knows the author should tag or inbox our request to him/her. The Force is committed to ending impunity.

Meanwhile, the Force enjoins the public to continually repose confidence in the Police and assures the author of absolute confidentiality in the handling of the case. He may also reach out to the Force, through the Force Public Relations Officer via the Email address; pressforabuja@police.gov.ng or Social Media handles Twitter; @policeNG and Facebook; Nigeria Police Force of https://t.


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