Shocking: See Why A White Man Stabbed A Nigerian Man In Osun

whiteman stabs nigerian in the neck
A Turkish national, Yalcin Oktem, has been declared wanted by the Osun state police command after stabbing his Nigerian colleague while at work. According to an eyewitness account, the Turk was said to have stabbed the young man named Ojo for failing to include the prefix Mr. while writing his name.
The victim while narrating what happened shared that the managing director of the company where he works has been threatening to sack him for reporting the case to the police.
In his own word:
“Yalcin came to meet me that he needed money to buy drugs for his ailment and I asked him the amount he needed and he said I should give him any amount. I asked if N10,000 was okay and he said I should give him N3,000, which I did.
“He went to town to buy the drugs and when he came back, he gave me the receipt and a balance of N600 and I told him to wait to sign the voucher indicating that he collected the money.
“I wrote on the voucher ‘Drug given to Yalcin’ and he said that why would I write his name without putting Mr. I thought it was a joke but he smashed the syrup bottle on my head and my head swelled up; I tried to fight back but I couldn’t.
“I called our MD, who is his brother, to report to him but he told me that he was in a meeting. I called the director, who is a Nigerian, and he told me to take pictures and videos of the incident and that the people around should bear witness. I alerted the other members of staff and before they could get to me, Yalcin rushed towards me and stabbed me in my stomach with a pocket knife.
“I didn’t even know he had stabbed me until I saw blood coming out of my body. He stabbed me again on my hand and people started shouting that I should run. He also stabbed another worker, who tried to separate us.
“I ran into another building on the premises and he ran after me and held my neck. As I’m speaking now, I can’t control my neck; I have had to use neck support.
“To my surprise, when I was in the hospital, the MD called me that why had I not resumed to the office and I told him that I was in hospital and he said he was going to terminate my appointment.”
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