After a hard day’s work: Time to relax and read the news. A video clip with a young lady kneeling before a masked man holding a cutlass came up. What kind of drama is this; I thought and pressed ‘Play.’ The lady desperately answered questions, pleading for mercy! Instead, the masked man pushed her to the ground and began slicing her neck like bread! This was no drama, it was real! Soon hacking at the victim’s neck like cutting a tree, an accomplice rushed-in and began stabbing the victim repeatedly on the stomach! This was too much to bear!

God said to Cain, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground. Now you are cursed from the earth, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. A fugitive and a vagabond you shall be on the earth” (Holy Bible, Genesis 4:9-12)  Except they repent, let God’s curse be on chains of killers and sponsors until they enter hell prepared for Satan the father of murderers; source of God’s fierce anger.

Mr Editor: daily news, report brutal killings by ritualists and terrorists; rampant theft by criminals and corrupt officials; and wanton destructions by extremists and merchants of human lives and fake products. All these are products of secret meetings between demons and Elders in the land. A fact favoured elites know, but stand-aside and watch. Unfortunately, national security response is weak! Yet, in a vision, I saw an army of demons coming like a flood to unleash more terror on citizens. Things are going to get worse, except a way out is found.

The Elders are responsible for filling the land with violence, provoking God to anger (Holy Bible, Ezekiel 8:1-12, 17). Without faith in God, Elders of traditions, religions and politics worship unseen but real demons, to satisfy their lust or desire for pleasures of wealth and power to spend on themselves and family members only. In return for wealth and power, masked alien demons seeking total domination secretly issue instructions and demands Elders carry-out in public through recruited dispensable foot-soldiers.

Leaders are God’s change agents with delegated power over national wealth. Therefore the wisdom of Elders laden with lust to win every general election at-all-cost is electoral violence and malpractices. National developments only go as far as it meets the goal for pleasure and domination. Watch out for men speaking gently, with false religious and political humility (Holy Bible, James 4:1-8)! Sons of the serpent!

These are indeed troubling times: Citizens are dying from poverty and violence! Since the punishment for crimes is delayed, the hearts of men are fully set to do evil (Holy Bible, Ecclesiastics 8:11). Hiding in plain sight, sons of the serpent speak peace and sustainable development in public, while deploying wealth and influence to conduct activities that reflect violent nature of masked demons they secretly listen to (Holy Bible, John 10:10).

More disturbing are the subtle lies and blame-game sons of the serpent lure the world to believe. By chanting “God is great” before acts of violence, they suggest God the Creator approves of their crimes against humanity! This is a terrible lie! God does not need help to kill anyone if He wants to. Imagine the consequences of the sun failing to rise or the rain failing to fall: It would be catastrophic! Yet the Creator never allows this to happen. Proving that God loves the world deeply, and wants all to enjoy abundant life (Holy Bible, Matthew 5:44-48). This is the spirit of deceit behind blame-game afflicted Elders publicly throw at others to conceal their crimes. The same spirit of hiding behind face masks their foot soldiers wear.

Mr Editor: It is time to make the environment unfavourable for the Tree of Evil, by changing the spirit of our national development, and by strengthening the police. Help ring the bell and sound the alarm: Enough of listening to masked demons. The nation needs a government that listens to the Spirit of God. This partnership between God and man is the only way to defeat crime and corruption at the root, and give the world a model of rapid national development.

Another lady killed, another life cut short. Wolves bare their fangs, and serpents bite again, and again. Send hunters and eagles, and save Your children, Lord. And God said, “Even captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and prey of the terrible shall be delivered: I will contend with him who contends with you, and I will save your children” (Holy Bible, Isaiah 49:25). Arise O God let Your enemies be scattered!