He Spread My Legs Like Chicken On Barbecue Stick – Married Woman Narrates Cheating Experience

He Spread My Legs Like Chicken On Barbecue Stick - Married Woman Narrates Cheating Experience

Relationship expert, Joro Olumofin, has shared the story of a married woman who cheated on her husband simply because she wanted to pay the husband back in his own coin.

According to the lady, her husband has been cheating on her all through their marriage which is now 8 years. She further revealed that this made her venture into the game of cheating so as to feel equal with the cheating husband.

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The married woman further shared that she gave the guy she cheated with everything including what she has not done before during the course of their sex escapade.

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    • she said she did things she had never done to her husband with her lover. how selfish she is. when she noticed her husband was cheating, did bother to find out if it was this same thing she did with this lover that was making her husband cheat? she just fulfilled her heart desires. these are some of the mistakes married women make. they wont give there husbands crazy and wild sex but when he starts cheating they go out and experiment all the crazy they have been reading and hearing.

  1. But this action is not a revenge. It’s fulfilling a heart desires. Many married women are looking for an excuse to test a different joystick.

    A man looks for a woman to have sex
    A woman looks for excuse to give sex.

    This woman just fulfilled her fantasy. Call this line for help in fantasy understanding of one desires

  2. The Funniest path of it was, such woman like her in Marriage will never allowed her Husband doing the same way that guy rocked her, what a prostitute.

    Many women in Marriage would be giving series of sickening exercise over Sex in marriage. Many will be forming till their man fall out to Cheat. Many of them are with only Missionary Missions, no any upgrades even if Their husbands wants to change style, another story begins…. There is a lot in marriage, if any women thought she can’t gives modern Romance and sex to his man…. Think again because, what you are forming to joyfully offer your man, he will end it up outside, blame yourself.

  3. Spitting on a dick is no benefit to you, he doesnt swallow it but sends it right back into you. Those are crazy ideas not for an ideal home but the porn industries. Your cheating husband respects you enough not to do anal with you because he knows the health implications. Your cheating guy doesn’t care. Anyway, however naughty you want to be could be done with your husband. Sorry dear that happened to you.
    It’s unfortunate your husband cheats and you have joined him in cheating. But remember two wrongs don’t make a right. Your husband’s problem of cheating has affected you but you dont create another problem by cheating too.
    Honestly, cheating is too bad for you. You have now lost value in the eyes of that guy you cheated with, and any other person who knows. You could get some diseases as well. Sure you wont have same good feeling when your anus can no longer hold faeces and you have to be wearing diapers everyday like a baby. Hope you know the infections that could bring you as a lady. Worse of all, you stand the risk of eternal damnation (Galatians 5:19-21).
    Repent, ask for forgiveness and tell yourself never to do that again. Warn that guy never to come closer to you again. Help your husband by giving him more sex if possible, find him a counselor to help him, a medical attention if necessary, and pray for him to get out of it. But you stay pure. God loves you, not too late to make amends and still be a good wife who enjoys her marriage, an example to others.

  4. One can’t become an expert over night the way the house prostitude claimed she became.
    She was clearly at it before she decided to use her houseboy as a cover. A photocopier can’t print better than the originl printer. That this woman did so is auestionable.

  5. Two wrongs never make a right. You, by your actions, have also descended into the same pit you accused your husband of being in.
    Unfortunately, you will be the ultimate loser if you persist in this course of action.
    Be wise, stop it immediately and try to be extra loving to your husband.

  6. You proudly spread your legs for another man to deep into your Virginal track. That is very dirty woman. You have only succeeded in hotting yourself and not your husband. You can have better sex with your husband and at convenience than fucking outside.

  7. good comment by all…………………..
    you have all succeeded sending her to hell forgetting the fact that she needs urgent help
    remember she has been nursing the wound for 8 years before she experimented the wild sex…………….which the husband has denied her of……….. before she seek for sexual gratification.her cognitive psychology needs healing.

  8. it is so easy to judge and condemn but doing what you did is not the solution but a temporal relief to your hurting soul.Find a place in your heart to forgive your hubby and pray about it.He will change.Find time to discussed it with your hubby and let him how you are feeling…don’t judge but for the sake of your life, your children and your home settle the matter.
    Try to give your hubby more fun and exciting lovemaking and communicate your desire.Things will change.Ask God for help and never live in revenge again.God bless your home.