PDP lawmaker caught on camera brutally abusing woman in a s*x shop

PDP lawmaker caught on camera brutally abusing woman in a s*x shop

A Nigerian senator has sparked online rage after he was caught on camera physically assaulting a woman at an s*x toy shop in Abuja.

The senator reportedly Nigeria’s youngest senator, Elisha Abbo, representing Adamawa North Senatorial District, beat the woman up just because she begged him not to descend on the shop owner whom the senator accused of insulting him.

The senator was reportedly called a drunk by the shop owner.

The shameful incident which occurred on May 11, according to a CCTV footage, saw an armed mobile police officer watching without doing anything.

The lawmaker, a member of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), reportedly entered with three young ladies to the shop at about 6:00 p.m. on May 11, a Saturday.

Things turn sour after one of the girls brought in by the lawmaker started throwing up.

She reportedly vomited a couple of times on the floor of the shop, which made the shop owner say that the girl should have gone outside the shop to vomit since she isn’t a child.

The lawmaker reportedly accused the shop owner of poisoning the store’s air conditioner, causing one his girls to fall sick suddenly.

In her defence, the shop owner said if the air conditioner had been contaminated others in the shop would have also taken ill.

This angered the lawmaker which prompted an argument between the two. Abbo is later seen sitting on a yellow power generator near the entrance of the shop, making calls and asking some people where they were and how close they were.

Later on, an armed police officer is seen walking into the shop, when the lawmaker begins to explain to the officer in Hausa that the woman insulted him.

Mr Abbo then asked the police officer to take the shop owner away and the shop owner called her father to inform him of the incident.

The lawmaker then asked the owner of the shop to stop the call because he was talking to her, and she refused.

A man then comes from behind the police officer to snatch the shop owner’s phone from her, her friend who had been standing there tried to plead with the man to take things easy.

At this point, the lawmaker descended on the shop owner’s friend, calling her stupid and slapping her severally on the face and directly on the eyes.

The lawmaker then asked the police to take the two women away, repeatedly stressing how disappointed he was at her for calling him a drunk, adding that be would have dealt more severely with her, if not for their friendship.

According to Premium Times, the assaulted woman, who is nursing a child, was taken to a hospital, where she was treated for eye inflammation and other injuries she sustained during the attack.

The lawmaker was reportedly unperturbed by his actions as he didn’t cover his victim’s medical bill. He only returned to inquire whether there was a CCTV footage of the incident.

He seemed very disturbed about it and was told the CCTV wasn’t functioning.

When the assaulted woman and her lawyer reported the matter at the Maitama Area Command since May 14, police said they had no way to reach the lawmaker because they do not have his contact.