In Just 3 Months, Ihedioha Is Building Houses And Hotels In His Village: Okorocha

Governor Ihedioha and Senator Okorocha
Governor Ihedioha and Senator Okorocha

Rochas Okorocha, a former governor of Imo State has accused the incumbent Governor of the state, Emeka Ihedioha, of embarking on self-actualization projects but has not done anything for the state he governing.

According to Okorocha who made the accusation at the Uche Nwosu Campaign Organisation where he addressed the exciting crowd, Ihedioha’s 100-day achievements would be harassing Imo state people, taking people’s cars, beating his daughter, amongst others

His words:

“The governor in just three months is building his own houses in Owerri and in his village. He is also building a hotel. But has not done anything for the State. They should work for the people of Imo State. Till today, they have not done one project. Their achievements in one hundred days would be harassing Imo people, taking people’s cars, beating my daughter and breaking into people’s houses”. he said.

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“All the bad politicians I retired in the state have all been brought back. And kidnapping, ritual killings, armed robbery missing of people have all come back. The Clean-Up Exercise I was doing with less than N200million, they are today using N2.8billion to do that. The government is in a hurry to steal because they know that they never won the election.

“The issue is that the governor is small and thinks very small. Otherwise, a governor in Power should not be the one instigating trouble because anything could happen. And they should not take the silence of Imo people for granted. The harassment of Imo people and breaking into people’s houses without Court Order must stop. It is an armed robbery. In fact, let nobody harass any Citizen of the State again. Enough of this harassment.”