Sell Bitcoins In Nigeria Using Cardtonic Mobile App

Have you ever been defrauded of your hard-earned bitcoin? If yes, how would you like to avoid such ever occurring again? And if no, how would you like to ensure that such never occurs to you?

There is a very simple way to ensure you are protected while selling your bitcoin and that you get your due, and that is to use Cardtonic.

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Cardtonic is an online exchange platform where thousands of Nigerians such as yourself go to sell their gift cards and bitcoins for money. It is a reputable platform that has been in existence since 2016 and has even been verified by heavyweight media houses in Nigeria such as Punch, Pulse, and Legit. As such, you can be sure they are a legitimate business and will not, in any way, rob you of your due.

Cardtonic is a platform that is dedicated to ensuring that its customers are satisfied every time they conduct a transaction with it. One of the several steps it has taken to ensure this is to develop a mobile application.

Cardtonic Mobile App

 It is one of a select few, if not the only, bitcoin exchange platform in Nigeria that has a mobile application through which its customers can conduct their transactions.

The Cardtonic mobile application renders bitcoin exchange easier for its customers, as it enables them to conduct their business from anywhere and in any position, whether on the move or not. Apart from featuring an intuitive User Interface which virtually anybody can figure out how to navigate, it also features fast transaction time of between 3 and 5 minutes. Also, the application, and the platform, are as secure as humanly possible with some of the best minds in website technologies under its employ.

How To Sell Bitcoins Using The App

The Cardtonic mobile application can be used on both iOS and Android devices.

Click here to download on Android.

Click here to download on iPhone.

You can also use the website.

Step-by-Step Trade Process:

  1. Click the “Start A BTC Trade’ button on the dashboard.
  2. Carefully read the trade instructions.
  3. The current rate is boldly displayed.
  4. Click the icon beside your preferred wallet address to copy the address.
  5. Send bitcoins to the wallet and take a screenshot.
  6. Upload transfer information as you enter the amount sent (in dollars) with the screenshot.

Cardtonic admin will confirm receipt of the bitcoins and credit your wallet based on current rate in a few minutes.

For more detailed information on how to trade bitcoins on the platform, you can check their help page.

Begin Trading Easily

If you would like to avoid the possibility of being duped of your money, you will do well to transact business with a trustworthy and verified bitcoin exchange platform like Cardtonic.

Visit Google Play Store and the App Store to download their app on your phone today, and start enjoying the best bitcoin rates in Nigeria today!!!