Coronavirus: CAF postpone CHAN even as Cameroon say deh ready


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De tori weh e di waka since yesterday don finally bi official, CHAN too go mash break for seka Coronavirus.

Confederation of African Football, CAF and local organising committee, don push African Football Champions, CHAN to forward for seka coronavirus even as Cameroon bi di flex say deh ready.

Cameroon bi suppose host CHAN from April 4-25 for four sites, Yaoundé, Douala and Limbe but for now de new date nova bi.

Before deh shift dis championship, Rwanda and Morocco bi don already withdraw.

Cameroon confirm five more cases for coronavirus but de first two pipo don well.

CAF medical committee bi kam check facilities for fight de disease for Cameroon for March 14, meet with local organising committee medical team den report for de football bodi.

Even den Cameroon bi still di flex say deh ready for organise de competition, say all tin dey in place for fight Covid-19.

But at last CAF and local organising committee gree for postpone de championship for anoda day.

From CAF medical Committee report, and discussion wit local organising committee, deh no wan take unnecessary risk as coronavirus di spread fast and WHO don even describe am as epidemic.

Dis decision for push CHAN forward kam afta Cameroon bi di try for fix all tins weh CAF ask before de competition start.

Put 20 ambulance for Douala, 12 for Limbe, paint some high standing for Yaoundé, change chairs, carpet and plenti tins.