Daddy Freeze Reacts To Reports Of Women Sleeping With Their Pastors For The Fruit Of The Womb

Nigerian media personality and leader of the ‘Free The Sheeple’ movement Daddy Freeze has reacted to news of women sleeping with their pastors for the fruit of the womb.

Taking to his page to share a post by Joro Olumofin stating this same issue, Freeez wrote that;

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”When I first heard that pastors sleep with women looking for ‘fruit of the womb’ from someone in Portharcourt, I thought it was impossible for people to be that daft…

Many women have confided in me that they either did, or were tempted to sleep with ‘men of God’ for anointed seed, so the pastors could ‘open their wombs’. Imagine this retarded buffoonery.🙄

We are getting crazier by the minute in this botanical garden that was once a zoo and religion is at the epicenter of our madness🙄 ~FRZ”