Nigerian multipurpose and trusty crypto-wallet

Usually, users think that crypto-coins are totally secure and easy by design. But nowadays we literally have a huge boom of a wallet software, and crypto exchanges. The very idea of the blockchain economy seems like a solid theory. So we’ve investigated and compared the best service of cryptocurrency exchange.

CoinBox is considered as the ultimate and universal converting solution. It has the highest level of internal security. Also, this wallet works with the most popular currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other altcoins. The total number of represented cryptofranchises is more than 1,500. The wallet helps you to convert and store coins. There is no such thing as the limits of this wallet.

The initiation

First of all, you need a valid account in the CoinBox system.

How to buy a cryptocoin in this wallet

  1. Check the “wallet” part. You have to find the needed currency.

2. Push the “Buy” button. Type the amount and click “Pay”.

How to sale your bitcoin

Steps 1-2 are the same. You need to mark the BTC currency and type the amount. Then you ought to choose the way of selling: through the bank requisites or via the PayPal wallet. Then you confirm the deal.

Crypto Rates

This wallet has a very convenient price monitor. Open the “Prices”, and you will see the actual exchange rates. There is also the latest and related news here.

The “View more assets” field contains not only the exchange rate of all presented coins but the selector of them as well. Click on the cryptocurrency, and you will see a lot of useful information. The brief information block described the coin along with the interactive live chart of changes. Here you can monitor all the dynamics in prices day by day. The client can adjust the time period of monitoring.

Affiliate program

The CoinBox has typical referral bonuses. To obtain it, you shall share the invite code from the “Invite” section. Your friends will have valuable bonuses too.

CoinBox has a special affiliate program. You can have up to 80% commission via your friends’ transactions. All you need for this is the referral code. This code will be sent to friends by email or other types of communication. The term of validation of the code is unlimited.


The “Settings” menu allows you to adjust your wallet. Here we have the security level, the choice of the national currency, the switcher of notifications, and tech support.

The user changes his authentication features in the “Security” menu. The protection includes a simple password, fingerprint detector and face unlock feature. The password is also protected by a standard pin code. The fingerprint and face scan will be unlocked only after the password change.

The email confirmation of your exchange actions is enabled in the same section. Your registration email will have a unique code that you need to type on the site. Turning this feature off requires the same actions.

The “Dynamic Address” feature provides you the wallet identification changing, It works only for bitcoin, not even for its forks. But that’s not a flaw of the CoinBox: the specification of the altcoin simply does not allow this feature.

The choice of national currencies is also rich, it makes the CoinBox even more useful. Also, you can turn on the notifications here.

The CoinBox is famous for its quick and reliable tech support. The staff works permanently and resolves almost all problems quickly. Just describe your trouble. The support crew works worldwide, not only for West Africa.