CMC finally acts as a man as he tenders an open apology to Erica (Video)

Nigerian car dealer, Chidi Mike, popularly known as, CMC, has finally acted like a man as he tenders an open apology to Erica after calling her a bastard yesterday.

Yesterday was indeed “a drama filled day” as CMC, Erica’s management and Bobrisky were in heated conversations due to CMC’s inability to fulfill the promises he made to Erica.

Recall that when Erica was disqualified, CMC immediately said he was going to gift Erica a new car and the sum of 2 Million Naira. Now, he has decided to attach some terms and conditions to the promises he made to Erica and that led to the heated conversations.

According to Chidi Mike, he says everything that went down on his Instagram page yesterday wasn’t done by him but he admitted to calling Erica a bastard. He has now apologised to her for using such word on her.

He also revealed that popular female actress, Chigurl, wasn’t happy with him for insulting and disrespecting Erica as a woman. In the video, Chigurl is heard as she tells him to apologise to Erica for using such derogatory word on her and Chidi obliged.

See video below;


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