Vox Pop: Should Schools Resume On Monday?

A student in a classroom
A student in a classroom Image obtained from BBC.Com

After six months of staying indoors due to coronavirus-induced lockdown in Lagos, the government announced that schools in the state should resume. Primary and secondary schools are expected to resume from September 21, 2020.

With the dates for resumption firmly fixed, parents and guardians are excited about their children returning back to school while others are concerned about the safety of their children, especially during this difficult period.

Information Nigeria reached out to various respondents on Facebook regarding the reopening of schools and if they support the current situation.

Stephanie Onyekachi

If school should resume now, how do the poor ones go back to school, some parents have been sacked from their working places and some of the market women exhausted their foodstuffs while at home with their family? So my question is if school just resume now how will those students depending on their parents that fall into this category of people cope. Please I need response. School should reopen, God will protect us. We can not continue staying at home.

Gasi Faith

Please open schools, let everything go back to normal. Ordinary palliative we didn’t get from our government, they should do the needful.

Nneka Anthonia

Reopening is not a problem, but what will be the problem is if the government cannot provide the basic necessaries to help contain the spread. They need to help the school 100% at this time.

Hadeygboyega Holuwachemy

Please school should be reopened as soon as possible because private school teachers are just struggling to survive with their families. Imagine no salary to earn for the past six months yet nothing is being done. In this Nigeria, you struggle to be a graduate at the end of the day there are no good jobs. Please school should open.

Happiness Chinenye

Let University reopen for now, the children can stay at home, they are too young to know where and how to avoid close contact.

Kester Abosede

My own opinion is we should hold on a bit until we study the impact the opening of the airports will have on the country since the pandemic came from abroad initially. Let us wait and see first before allowing our children go back to school.

Muhtar Ali Muhammad

What other options do we have rather than just reopen the schools like that and at the Mercy of GOD? When ASUU were complaining of inadequate TEACHING AND LEARNING materials in our tertiary institutions virtually no one took them seriously, now that students seat on each other’s shoulders to take lectures in congested lecture halls when at least a 2m social spacing is required in this covid19 era WHAT DO WE DO as we can’t afford to close SCHOOLS forever.

Omo Ighodaro

Don’t this same children we are talking about go with their parents to the market, shops, churches, social gathering and others? Have they died? Campaign here and there. How many people have been reported dead? Please they should stop deceiving themselves and allow the kids go back to school. The children are tired of staying at home.

Instructor Ridwan Kazeem

I don’t need to answer this, go to market and see what those market women are doing about social distancing. The same market women will go back to meet (in close contact) with their children that the so called government in their own mind protecting us from the virus.

Ikioda Semira Helen

The government should reopen schools. There is no COVID-19 in Nigeria, they should stop deceiving themselves. The so-called children they said they are protecting goes out on a daily basis. Most of them even follow their parents to shops for the Igbos and moreover children are highly immune to this virus. Government should open schools and stop wasting our time. Other countries that had worse cases had already opened their economy. Nigeria is just filled with clueless and confused leaders that do not know the value of education.

Florence Nwachukwu

Since everything else is reopening, schools should not be an exception.

Godpower David

If politicians can campaign with large crowds without observing the social distancing rule, there is no need to panic about the re-opening of schools since students will observe social distancing in the classrooms.

Emmy Collins

The reopening of schools is not a bad idea as long as all the COVID-19 safety protocols are observed. Moreover, where is the research for the cure of COVID-19 supposed to be carried out if not in our universities, the federal and state government should give grants and aids for schools to go into research for the pandemic and put a price for successful results.

Tindi Gladys Dooshima

Judging from the resumption of exit classes for the last four weeks, am sure schools can reopen. There hasn’t been any case of Corona virus within my school or the schools within my locality. This prolonged stay at home isn’t funny for private school teachers.

Deji Olamide

I support the reopening of the schools even though some of my classes are taken via Zoom. Truth be told, this new platform has affected the syllabus especially because some teachers are not well-equipped and do not enough access to the internet. Also, the teachers are not used to this form of teaching over the platform. Some of my classes have been cancelled because the teachers either had network problems or technical difficulties.

Anwuli Ejiofor, civil servant 

The reopening of school is not a bad idea because it is not easy for parents to handle both their jobs as well as their children’s education at the same time. I’ve been homeschooling my kids over the past few months and it’s been a struggle.

Chukwura Precious Chizoba

Have those children, who have written their exams in school, been infected?

Currently, Primary six and Jss3 have been attending schools and nothing has happened. They should please open school.

Phoebe Aderibigbe

I don’t know how to feel. I see countless parties on social media, churches taking the right precautions. lots of mixed messages. I’m not sure there’s a strategy here.