See 5 Countries Where The Nigerian Naira Will Make You Live Like King

Many people regard the Nigerian currency as a low standard currency that does not have value in any country of the world. Comparing it with dollars, the Nigerian currency is quite low but something many of us don’t know is that, it goes like that for other countries, whose currencies are lower than Nigeria’s currency.

Luckily for us, there are many countries that our currency is greater than. Therefore Naira is not such a low standard currency as many think it is. So I have taken time and gathered 5 countries that our currency is greater than.

1. Iran

Iran is one of the top Islamic countries in the world. It is sited on a large plateau, that is it’s feet is higher than it’s neighbours. It contains a large population of people. According to my research, their currency is known as the Iranian Rial. 1 Nigerian naira is equal to 110 Iranian Rial .

2. Venezuela

Venezuela is one of the largest America countries in terms of land mass. It is a South America country located at the North East of the South American coast. The currency of Venezuela is Venezuelan Sovereign Bolivar

I Nigerian Naira is equal to 1348 Venezuelan Sovereign Bolivar.

3. Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most populated countries of the world, in fact, it is the fourth most populated country. The Indonesian currency is called the Indonesian Rupiah

1 Nigerian Naira is equal to 37.98 Indonesian Rupiah

4. Laos

Laos is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is a perfect destination for Tourism. The currency used in Laos is known as the Laotian Kip.

1 Nigerian Naira is worth 24.22 Laotian Kip.

5. Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the famous and popular Asian countries in the world. It is also a top tourist center. It’s currency is the Vietnamese Dong.

I Nigerian is worth 60.4 Vietnamese Dong