Publish Names Of Fulani Herders Undergoing Trials, Presidency Tells Police

Publish Names Of Fulani Herders Undergoing Trials, Presidency Tells Police
Garba Shehu

Presidential spokesperson, Garba Shehu has urged the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) to publish the list of herders facing criminal trial in Nigeria.

Shehu, said this during a Channels TV broadcast on Monday.

He added that “thousands” of people are being prosecuted for offences related to the conflict between herders and farmers.

Asked about some herders who had claimed responsibility for reprisal attacks in the past, Shehu said there are “thousands” of people being prosecuted under such circumstances.

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“We are not following up stories as media, otherwise, if you know the thousands of people… and I hope the headquarters of the police will take responsibility and publish the full list of Fulani herders who are undergoing trials in various states particularly in Benue state,” he said.

“Trials are going on, convictions are being made and the president cannot be complicit; it is very uncharitable. The president cannot be complicit in the kinds of things being said of him.

“The president is more than concerned of the ongoing situation and he is fully conscious of the fact that it is the responsibility of his government to work with Nigerians to secure lives and stop the ongoing crisis whether they are kidnapping or the new line of ethnic violence. He condemns it and he does not support it.”

The presidential spokesperson added that community leaders must work with the president and security agencies to ensure an end to the crisis.