Fayemi: Even If There Are Excesses, Press Freedom Should Not Be Restrained

Fayemi: Even If There Are Excesses, press Freedom Should Not Be Restrained
Governor Fayemi

Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi has expressed that freedom of the press should never be restrained no matter the circumstances.

The governor stated that journalists have played “prominent roles” in nation-building “even at the risk of their lives” over the years.

Fayemi reportedly apoke on Thursday at a dinner organised by Felix Ajakaye, the Catholic bishop of Ekiti diocese.

The governor said no matter the excesses being exhibited by the press, its freedom must remain intact.

He stated that the role of journalists in the struggle for independence and democracy could not be overemphasised.

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“In the fight for our independence and the sustained agitations against military for the journey to Nigeria’s democracy, journalists played prominent roles, even at the risk of their lives and jobs,” the governor said.

“The press stands for the people. It is the voice of the voiceless, though you may have some things that appear so terrifying now that we have the social media because of lack of control.

“But you still have to go to the mainstream journalism to confirm because they have control and gatekeepers, who can be held accountable.

“Even if there are excesses, the freedom of the press should not be restrained. We should look for other ways to correct these perceived inadequacies.”


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