Moghalu Hails E-Transmission Of Election Results

Moghalu Hails E-Transmission Of Results
Kingsley Moghalu

Former presidential candidate in the 2019 elections, Prof Kingsley Moghalu has hailed the sudden U-turn by the Senate on the electronic transmission of results.

Recall that on Tuesday, the Senate approved the electronic transmission of results by the Independent National Electoral Commission.

He described it as a positive signal that the 2023 general elections would be transparent.

He stated this on Wednesday when he hosted the candidate of the African Democratic Party, in the Anambra State governorship election scheduled for November 6, Nzeh Akachukwu.

He said, “I believe that in the 2023 elections, the citizens of Nigeria should not allow it to be a contest between two sides of the same coin because there is no difference.

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“It should be a battle between the old and the new – between the old Nigerian and the possibilities for a new Nigeria. That is what 2023 should be.

“I am calling on the young people of this country, the youths, to register, vote and colonize the future that rightfully belongs to them.

“Speaking about 2023, I am very pleased with the news coming out of the National Assembly that the Senate has caved in to the pressure of Nigerian people and has decided to allow INEC to conduct elections as it sees fit, which means the inclusion of electronic transmission of results.

“This is a massive victory for democracy and I believe that it shows what I have been saying that we cannot all go and sit down and become part of a surrendered brigade.”