Ukraine War: US Bans Importation of Oil, Gas From Russia

United States President, Joe Biden has banned importation of oil and gas from Russia.
The decision came as a result of the ongoing war in Ukraine.
The president said the US is targeting the pillar of Russian economy by banning all importation of oil and gas from the country. The US is one of the major buyers of Russian crude oil.
President Biden announced the development in a post on his verified Facebook page on Tuesday.
He said, “Today, I’m announcing that the United States is targeting a main artery of Russia’s economy. We are banning all imports of Russian oil and gas”.
Recall that President Biden had during a video conference call on Monday sought the support of France, Germany and the United Kingdom to ban importation of Russian oil.
Despite calls for ceasefire, the Russian forces have refused to back down on the war against Ukraine, killing civilians and triggering a mass refugee crisis.
Several countries including Nigeria have evacuated some of their citizens from Ukraine as Russian forces continue to wreak havoc since it’s invasion.